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I went to seeOz the Great and Powerful yesterday at our IMAX theater with my daughter.  It was Mommy/ Daughter today for just the two of us, and its been long overdo!  We had a grand time.  How wonderful a IMAX THEATER IS!  So I sat there anxiously with my 3D glasses at hand, and I couldn’t stop, but wonder when the movie comes out on DVD will it be as wondrous as this?  Well, no time for that we’re watching the coming attractions, and I think the next one I’d really like to see is Iron Man III  WOW that looked fabulous in 3D!  How exciting!  Oh, OH!  The movie is about to start, and oh my black & white… oh, I knew that that’s how Wizard of Oz started out.  Silly me!


Now, I’m not going to tell you that much about the movie, but I will say these three are the witches in the movie!  Gee, I wonder witch one is the bad witch?  hehehe  Believe me I was surprised!  I will say pay attention in the beginning of the movie, so you’ll know later on who’s who!  Oh, they sure can do great things with movies nowadays can’t they?  I will tell you I had many favorite characters in the movie, and believe it or not Oz was not my favorite (although his character did surprise me at the end too)!  No, I loved the little monkey he was just too cute, but this young lady was definitely my favorite, and so was the scene finding her.

ChinagirlChina Girl

Isn’t she precious?  I totally love, love that character.  All in all the movie was fabulous, and for two grown women all alone to go see it you know it had to be good!  For me it was Mommy taking her little girl, not the young lady!

Tricia 1st grade picSmiley TriciaWe both enjoyed the phenomenal graffics to say the least.  Although I expected more singing, but what they had was just enough for this movie.  They also had many funny moments too!  The tornado was gasping, and all the new characters are new ones for the storybooks.  It would be nice if they would come out with a children’s book for this one as “Before Wizard of Oz”!  Hmmmm… Wonder if they’ll come up with an… “After Wizard of Oz”!!!  hahahahaha… hmmmm… maybe that’s not so funny!  It could happen, but anyway back to the movie.  There were so many twists and turns, and familiars too, so not to be disappointed.  Only how things came to be.

All and all I give this movie its just dues, and that a 5 star credit!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!


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    this , movie was amazing wished i seen it in 3s


    This looks like it will be so good. Will probably see it in a week or two.


    What a fun movie and so nice that you got to see it with your daughter! Thank you for sharing your review…makes me want to see it, but I’ll have to wait for DVD. 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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