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Book Launch Giveaway:

Signed Copy of Carole P. Roman’s new book,
“Stuck in the Doldrums”
Pirate Toys from Safari Ltd.


$200 Gift Card to Toys R Us


 Ahoy me mateys! I’m very excited to announce to you all the launching of Carole P. Roman’s newest book from her Captain No Beard series called,
“Stuck in the Doldrums”!

 Here is a synopsis of the book:

Captain No Beard and his crew are at it again, but when the wind stops blowing the Flying Dragon gets stranded on a desert island with his first mate Hallie, Linus the Lion, Fribbert the Frog, Mongo the Monkey, and Polly the Parrot.  Captain No Beard has to find a way to use teamwork and understanding to get through the problem at hand.  However, when Captain No Beard gets bossy and makes playtime miserable for the crew he soon finds himself alone, and miserably helpless when a giant squid attacks.   Just when it seems like the captain is in over his head his faithful crew reunites, and teaches him a very important lesson.

Full of adventure and silliness, this lighthearted children’s book teaches the importance of compromise, cooperation, taking turns, and sharing. The crew of The Flying Dragon also demonstrates that even when there are disagreements,  friends do support one another. In addition to valuable lessons, Captain No Beard’s adventure is full of the type of danger and excitement that’s sure to keep young readers captivated and attentive from beginning to end. With undeniable charm, Captain No Beard and his crew teach young readers valuable lessons in life that can keep anyone out of the doldrums.

 To celebrate and launch her new book, Carole P. Roman is having FANTASTIC GIVE-AWAY

that will take your breathe away!

She has teamed up with Safari Ltd. to bring some pirate swag

that is as great as sailing the Seven Seas!

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Ey Mateee!  You wouldn’t wanna be missin’ out on such a fine treasure would ye?

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Author Carole P. Roman is a former teacher who now works in her family’s business and publishes works in the Captain No Beard series. When she’s not playing with her grandchildren, she enjoys reading to them and even using them as inspiration for her stories.

Where you can buy Carole P. Roman’s books:    Amazon

Where you can find Carole P. Roman:

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    Thanks! The giveaway is not showing up on your blog though.


    JulieGerber blog is very colorful


    the River collection is neat


    If I were captain, I would want my grandson to be part of my crew


    I like the Gerber Babies Blog because it has some interesting content.
    If I were Captain, I would want my hubby to take over. ha!
    At Safari Limited, I like their Steam Train collection


    I would like the glow in the dark black widow spider


    Nothin like books! Times have change but book remain…


    I really liked how Julie Gerber wrote her review about “The Universe-ity”, by Michael Samuels. She used her own previous negative experiences and feelings, and how reading the book caused her to use them as examples to change into positive experiences to grow on. I liked her honesty and openness.


    Who would I want on my pirate ship? Well, first of all, I’d want someone who could pilot a ship, much less handle one like a pirate… who that would be, I’m not sure… maybe kidnap the latest America’s Cup winner? I’d have my good friend Tina to deal with the deckhands and various scallywags, since she already is a mom of 3 crazy kids, who could also run around and make trouble playing tricks on the crew. I’d have my mom on board for company, my brother could be the cook, and the various other crew members needed to run the boat and do the plundering would be various guys I could finagle from the corner bar with the promise of endless free beer.


    On the Safari Ltd. site, I really like all of the items they sell, the animals, dinosaurs, and even the mythical beasts are all so lifelike and detailed. I really love the life sized lizards, they look so real!


    No question about it….Mr. Johnny Depp! 😀


    I love the polka dot background background on Julie’s blog. So cute.


    I like and would love to have some of the steam train’s!


    If I was the Captain of a ship I would want my family as crew.


    My crew would be my son. He helps me out a lot.

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