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Welcome aboard our 136th week of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!

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So, this week is: Theme/Songs your mom/parents used to listen to when you were a child. Even if you hated them/loved them. Please share and how they made you feel.  Thanks Callie!  This should be interesting for sure!  So people let’s rack our brains and find some cool stuff!  HOLY SMOKES MY MOTHER???  DANG!  Now both my Mom & Dad loved Misty by Johnny Mathis, but I believe I just put that song up not that long ago, but here’s one by Judy Garland & the next is Pat Boone that not only did my Mom love the songs she loved the movies.

The other one my Mom use to go gaga over was a song by Pat Boone from “State Fair”!

My Mom also loved Glenn Miller, In the Mood. She also use to play that song on the accordion.

Now my Mom and Dad both loved the Mills Brothers, and also I can remember when Dean Martin was on TV how my Gram and Mom would absolutely swoon over him. So here’s a little of both and I think I’ll end up with these guys.

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  10 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!~”


    Such great songs that your mom liked. I love the oldies since I grew up with them.


    Hey Dolly,
    I posted but it is cross posted with the A-Z. I had originally preposted thinking this was a freebie week. So, I went and fixed it.


    I used to love the old musicals when I was a kid which wasn’t that long ago I might add “coughs”

    Have a brilliantly musical week 🙂


    My mom loved Motown and we grew up with Sam Cooke, The Shirelles, Jackie Robinson and so many other great Motown idols. My mom also loved Spike Jones show tunes and would belt a few random lines here and there. I sing the songs to my kids now and they think I’m crazy. lol


    Dean Martin was another favorite I forgot about, but then again I sorta got a wee bit off track with today’s theme. I some how goofed on it, but I fell into line better today than last week. lol I believe I’m loosing my mind! Great picks for today’s line up, my friend!


    My grandmother took me to see the Glenn Miller Orchestra when I was a kid. Of course GM had already passed but they did a wonderful job just the same.

    My grandfather took me to see the home where the Mills Brothers hung out when they were all young (in Bellefontaine, Ohio where my aunt lived).

    I’ve always loved the music of both and have tons of their tracks on my iPod. 🙂


    Oh…these are great memories and good finds. Thanks for sharing.


    You mom had great taste, Marie! Apparently where you get that gene from. 😉 Love all your choices! 🙂

    I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir with A Boy Named Sue – that’s how it Used To Be but now Goodbye Looks Good On Me


    I wanted to swing b and apologize for not following the rules I didn’t quite get it and I apologize. I thought it was supposed to pertain to music. I guess that is why i shouldn’t blog hop with a baby on my lap! I followed you on Google Plus and will make sure that I read more closely. Sorry.


    It’s so fun to see our parents , or have memories of our parents swooning over people on tv eh 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and rocking the meme Dolly!

    Hope your week is going great Dolly!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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