Apr 102013

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DSC07044Can you believe this?  $3.67 per gallon, and it takes $69.99 to fill my tank!  SHEESH!  I could buy a great bike for that amount!  I may have too!




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 Life as we know it by Paula

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  10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday HOW MUCH?”


    Only $3.67?? We were happy to spot $3.93 today. The price is just going to go up again once summer’s here. We already know we are going to see $5 a gallon gas in the summer.


    we has just under $4 a gallon not to long ago… slowly creeping back up to it too… waaaaa..
    I agree w/Danielle, most likely $5 by summer… strangle those guys in charge! I’d get a bike if I didn’t have mountains for a driveaway & the roads all around me just to get out!!


    Hi Marie thanks for adding my banner to your Wednesday collection I appreciate that and I now have your banner on my sidebar! Hope you have a great week!!


    I know, gas prices is getting just too darn ridiculous lately! I think you’re about the same price, give or take a few cents, as we are of late. It’s just getting so impractical to drive which is a shame because most people NEED to drive!


    Ouchy, that is about where are gas prices are. Ick!
    Would love for you to stop by and share.


    It seems like as we approach Memorial Day every year the prices start going up!


    That is so beyond ridiculous. I hate the price of gas.


    It is high up eh. But in CA it’s $4 and more.
    Glad I don’t live there.

    I’m loving the idea of a horse right now.

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