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Stuck in the Doldrums, A Lesson in Sharing… A Captain No Beard Story by Carole P. Roman!
A young boy named Alexander, his cousin Hallie, and three stuffed animals board his bed and their world is transformed! Set sail with Captain No Beard!
This book caught my eye when I read the part about “A Lesson in Sharing”!  Little children sometimes more often than not have a problem learning this just as much as we Moms have teaching such a valuable lesson that effects our babies all through their lives.  I had the priviledge of reading this book prior to giving it to my grandchildren to read or read it to them.  Thus far it has stayed by my house being as I have “9” grandchildren.  So as you see many children to go out into the world with such a valuable lesson to learn.  Ms. Roman came up with this fabulous book, and what an adventurous story it is too!
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There are more of these fun filled books, and such wonderful, colorful pictures for the child’s eye just jammed packed with adventure and fun and down right silliness.  Ms. Roman is a former teacher who now works in her family business and publishes word in the Captain No Beard Series.  The first Captain No Beard story is “An Imaginary Tale of a Pirates’s Life” and was named after the Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012, and received a “Star of Remarkable Merit”.
These books teaches children valuable lessons such as sharing, the importance of compromise, cooperation, taking turns, and taking orders too!   The story also teaches that even when there are disagreements, friends real friends still support one another!  What a wonderful way to teach our younger generation such invaluable lessons to help them growing up.  This story will definitely captivate any child from beginning to end.  I like that also teaches boys and girls alike that Pirates are not only for boys they can be for girls too, and playing together can be fun if done amicably together!
As a grandmother of “9”, and mother of “4”, and even babysitter sometimes to friends I give this book a definite GOLD STAR and a thumbs up
A big thanks and job very well done to our author.. Carole P. Roman
Carole P. Roman / Author
Where you can find Carole P. Roman’s books:
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