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Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday is a great day to post a picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed! I blog-hop all day long looking at great pics & blogs, finding new friends! How about you? I sign up at my buddies below & then from then on WHO KNOWS!

boopI couldn’t have said it better myself.  You know, some people don’t realize what my blog means to me.  Let me explain briefly.  It’s my home away from home where I share with my old & new friends new ideas and old ideas.  I share my life past, present and thoughts of the future.  I treat my blog as my home  – yes, where my friends and possibly new friends come to visit me.  Maybe we chat and share ideas or even a joke or two.  Lord knows we share our rock & roll here too!   I guess you can say we’re hangin’ out.  If you’ve come here to make me unhappy please move on, and leave my little piece of happiness alone.  I go day to day hoping to take my mind off of problems and have a little fun.  Please don’t take that away from me too!  If you’ve come here for fun & friendship it’s yours.  I got your back always, but if you’ve come here to make my life miserable… let’s see how can I say this nicely….  GET THE HELL OFF MY FRONT PORCH!!

Thank you for your time, and now let’s get back to some real FUN!!!  HOPPING ALONG!!!  HUGGGGGGGSSSSS TO YOU ALL!photo



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 Life as we know it by Paula

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  25 Responses to “Wordful Wednesday – From the heart!”


    I pinned that Betty Boop cartoon. I feel it also describes me, too!


    Dear Marie,

    Thanks for sharing my party with your friends and thanks for joining us for WW at Create With Joy! I loved your Betty Boop share and as for the rest of it, I’m sorry you had to write it, but I understand – there must be a group making the rounds as of late!

    Hang in there – spread the joy – keep moving & grooving with your friends!

    Have a beautiful week!


    You tell it like it is my CM and continue being your no-nonsense self! Life’s too short to have negative people bringing you down with their problems and make your life miserable. You deserve happy and positiveness in your life always 🙂


      My sweet CD, I’m so happy you understand also. I know I have many good friends out there, and thank you for fulfilling my life. My life may have been a nightmare for about ten years, but my soulmate has pulled me out of hell and made my life a heaven on earth, and all you guys are just my frosting on the cake. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL! HUGS!


    Well Said. If you don’t want to be a part of someone’s life why going sneaking around reading about it.


      Your comment does mean the most to me, and I’m so happy you’re are standing up with me on this. Side by side we shall always be. From my heart I’m glad you have my back as I always have yours since moment one!


    Wordless…HA! I cannot agree more. I have never understood why some people get off on trying to make others miserable. We got enough of that as it is. Uplifting is where it is at.
    Hugs my friend!


    this is so me had to pin it and share thank you oh and if anyone bothers you let me know I’ll smack them with my flip flop


      Becca, my new friend, I am so happy you’re standing by me also. In all reality this particular Post does not go out to one particular person, but yet goes out to anyone that comes to my home/blog with that values just to do harm to someone else besides myself. It’s for anyone with such low self esteem that they would use someone else joy for their own mixed up purposes. I wish you peace, but I also ask to leave my happiness alone & let me be free!


    Betty rocks! I don’t know how people find time for drama. Enjoy your Wednesday! http://poshonabudget.com/2013/04/ww-no-whey-no-way.html


    It sounds like you were harassed, and I’m sorry for it.
    I’ve been harassed on my blog before, someone trying to veto my site for a giveaway I was doing for cough medicine. Silly…I know.

    Luckily, we know and love your site no matter what trouble anyone else might be trying to cook up. Nonsense is easy to see through. 🙂


    I could not possibly agree with you (and Betty Boop) more! And you know we’ve got your back, Marie – so sorry it sounds like someone unworthy has darkened your front porch. 🙁 ((HUGZ!!))

    WW: Dorky Cat


      Some how I knew you all would agree with me because this is what I call a P-A-R-T-Y! You are all invited to my home here at Xmasdolly.com This is my home away from home and you all are welcome, and any one else is welcome too as long as they don’t bring any drama to my door. As long as they don’t take me as some chump that I will sit by and cow tow to them, and let them dictate to my feelings as too what I should and should not write. I love you all!!! Stacy my good, good friend I almost feel unworthy myself that you should bestow upon me such a friendship you share! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


    Now who is bugging you Dolly?
    But I agree. If they don’t like it, step off!
    I don’t get why many people think they have to be mean and stick around to be evil. Leave already. ugh.



      My sweet Callie: Out of all we go way back! I’ve read your beginnings, past, and now your stupendous present. You’ve come a long way my love, and I feel honored that you’ve chosen me to be a friend, and to all my friends today I feel the same way! Thank you for having my back on this. I feel more secure believe it or not! I love my own little blog world and my blog neighbors. They don’t use me for what they can get out of me, but use me as a person to share with. If you’re not here to share your friendship, kindness or even just a friendly hello please move on because there’s nothing more for you here. You have either got my back or stand by my side, and if that’s not your goal here as I said… NO AS ME AND MY BLOGGER FRIENDS SAY TOGETHER, “This is my home. GET THE HELL OFF OF OUR PORCH”!


    Nicely put Marie I couldn’t agree more, people seem to be so brave behind a keyboard face to face they would run a mile.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂


      Steve my friend, you could not be more right. I wish these people would come face to face & just tell me what they want from me. Don’t use my words behind my back. I’m not their little log on the fire and I refuse to be used. That is so… oh dam what’s a good word? hmmmmm…. oh I know, COWARDLY! If you cannot find your own truths don’t use someone else’s words and twist them. Thanks again Steve for your wisdom.


    I like it!!
    Thanks for linking up for WW!!


    Well said!!!!! Sounds to me, whoever this uninvited visitor is, that they must be an envious, shallow, unhappy, immature and friendless person, to sneak around stalking you. Thinking they should take stock of them-self before judging others. Ignore….because your friends don’t want them on your porch 🙂


    Oh yeah! If we stick together on this maybe these stalkers will take their business elsewhere or at least stand on their own two feet instead of looking for someone else to take the fall for them unknowingly. Well, this chick ain’t takin’ the fall for NOBODY! I’M IN IT TO WIN IT so to speak! I got my girls backin’ me now! SO BACK OFF!


    Amen! I don’t know why people can be mean and feel the need to stick around to be mean!

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