Apr 182013


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Weight Be Gone!Do you remember this meme I tried starting?  Well, there wasn’t enough of you out there that wanted to start this journey with me, so I’ve gone on it alone.  Anyway don’t know if you remember, but I will bring you up to date.  I started out believe it or not I was a WHOPPING 282 lbs. that was four years ago. I started to lose weight due to my failure in my health.

When I dieting I slowly was losing a pound or two here and there.  I tried them all too.  Nothing has worked.  My biggest problem was I have spinal stenosis, and exercise is very minimal for me at the time due to much pain in my back.  Well, that part has not changed much, but my eating habits have.  One of my biggest changes as my plate.  I now eat on a children’s size plate, and I fill it (which tricks your mind) I’m still eating smaller portion sizes.  I’ve also gone on a no white diet.  Well, not getting to involving.  I went down to 254 & held it there.  I was 254, 252, 251, 254, 256 253, etc…  I could not break the ice.  Then I decided not to weigh in every week, but I let it go for a month & yesterday I went to the cardiologist six month check up & GUESS WHAT!  I got a clean bill of health (as far as my heart), and I weighed in and… DRUM ROLL PLEASE!  After a month not weighing in I’m down toooooo  238 lbs.~~  yesss INDEED DEE!!!  ISN’T THAT SUPERFLUOUS???  I ROCK!!!!  HEHE  Now I’m not going to weigh in until next month and see how I do, but I broke the ice.  I would like to be 175 is my goal for now.  When I get there will see what happens then.  I was going to do that sleeve that goes on the stomach, but my husband talked me out of it and said he had faith in me that I could do it by myself.  I guess he was right, but I didn’t exactly do it by myself.  I’ve been taking that green coffee bean pill Dr. Oz advises.  That’s the only other thing different I’ve been doing.  SOOOOOOOOO HURRAY FOR ME~!~~~~!!!!!!!!

Right now I just want to be carefree and happy! How about singin’ with me!?!  Hakuna Matata!

Have a great day!

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  6 Responses to “Thankful Thursday & A Song!”


    Good going! You are truly an inspiration to me. I was hoping that the Amberen would help me shed a few pounds. Well, with being sick with a cold for two weeks, and now the wind that we have (blowing dust and sand everyday which means I have not been walking recently), I have not lost any weight. But then, neither have I gained any extra.


    Really proud of you Dolly! You can do it and remember we are in this together. Hugs!


    Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for hosting! 🙂


    WooHoo…WTG!! Am so proud of you and you should be too. That is fantastic!! I so understand, having back problems, it isn’t easy to exercise. I am also trying to lose some weight, and on your recommendation, ordered the Green Coffee Bean, and have found that it does suppress my urge to eat in between. Thank you. PARTEEEEE!


    way to go girl you rock that doctor appointment and the scale. plus what a great idea eating off a kids plate you totally inspire me

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