May 012013

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Yes my lovelies, Spring has finally Sprung and for the first time in many years I’m trying out my very own vegetable garden once again with the help of my son, and I want to share the beginnings with you!
DSC07099One is a Cherry Tomato Plant and the other is Beefsteak Tomato plant (top).  The picture below is my cucumber plant so far.  More at a later date!



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  9 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Spring has Sprung!”


    Ohhh, yummy ‘maters & cukes from the garden! be sure to cover them with a bed sheet if there is a frost or cold warning. hugs, Faythe @GMT~


    Spring has more than sprung; it feels like Summer already! It got up to nearly 90 today in my neck of the woods o.O Love the start of your garden!!


      Thank you so much! My son leaves today so I’m on my own. I watered it this morning with some miracle gro in the water too! WOO HOO! So when you coming over for a nice healthy home grown salad??? 🙂


    I would love to grow tomatoes! But the summer heat that we have sorta shrivels up the plants with no matter how much water we give them. Then when we do get a (1) tomato, it’s the size of a cherry tomato. I always try to grow beefstakes. Oh well.


      I have this problem with my tomatoes that has a rot part on the bottom 🙁 I sure hope that doesn’t happen this year! Any pointers from anyone would be much appreciated!!!


    Look like you have a nice little space there.
    Good luck with your garden girl!


    What a great little garden you have.
    I SO wish I could grow veggies down here, our soil is just so dry and we just don’t have enough rain.
    I do really well with herbs in the house, though. I had a basil plant for 2 years that grew SO huge. I have to replace it now though.
    I cannot wait to see your produce. Good luck.


    It’s just like overnight everything is starting to bloom, and hurrah for it!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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