May 122013

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Five Generations of Mothers wishes you all a very Happy Mother’s Day, but six generations to share!

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Happy Mother’s Day From MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!


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  8 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day to All!”


    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. From one mum to another. May your family bring as much joy to you as mine does.


    There’s only 5 generations of MOMS there the last two are your Granddaughters. Love you MOM.


    You daughter is right. I only see five generations, but you are hopeful in becoming a great-grandmother, aren’t you!

    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!


      GOOD GOD NO! I’m already a Great-Great Auntie!!! OUCH!!! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL. The above is corrected! Hey, if you had to deal with all these kids you’d get confused too! hehehe


    I was gonna say, are you keeping something from us???
    You just got excited about coming a great-grandma, like Danielle said. =)
    As I’ve said before, I must love seeing photos of your family, especially the old ones (no offense Tricia).
    Wishing you and Tricia a very happy Mother’s Day, and every day. Love and HUGGLES!! <3


      Girl, read the above reply to Danielle! I AM NOT A GREAT GRANDMOTHER!!! I AM A GREAT AUNT… aughhhhh …. I mean a Great Great Aunt believe it or not! What I meant in my head I was seeing six generations period. I just worded it wrong which it has been fixed! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


    Happy Mother’s Day to the bestest Cyber Mommy out there! 🙂


    I hope you had a wonderful time with your loves Dolly.
    A beautiful generation. I LOVE that you have all these photos!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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