May 172013

Riddle me this!

So do you have a riddle or a joke you would like to share?   I know you know some jokes!  Come on now I need me a good laugh to celebrate the weekend is here!  WHO’S GONNA MAKE ME LAUGH THIS WEEK!?!   If you like riddles/jokes then sign in on the linky below and share so we can all hop around reading riddles/jokes & yuk it up!!!  YUK YUK YUK

dog laughingSo here’s my riddles:  When is a piece of wood like a king?  Why do birds fly South?  What vegetables do bugs try and stay away from?

img376My Beautiful Mom – 1959img371My sexy Mama 1942

This week we’re celebrating Children’s Book Week at Create With Joy, so what better time is there to discuss our favorite books from our childhood and teen years?

  • What are your favorite books from your childhood?  I’m going to have to say “The Night Before Christmas” & Bambi & Lady & the Tramp.
  • Who is your  favorite children’s author? Hans Christen Anderson
  • What books do your children love?  All Disney Stories.


StacyCheck out Stacy!

Stacy started a Friday Free For All available for us – link up if you’re participating in any or none of the Friday fun she is participating in, or especially if you’re new to her blog so she can easily come pay you a visit.  I’m hooking us as usual! THANKS STACY


Question Time at my friend Judy’s the Twinless Twin:  (Click the above ? for a link to Judy’s).  Every weekend she has a blog post where she asks and answers questions.  It is a good way for readers to get to know more about her if they would like too, and also helps her to get feedback on a number of questions.  Also, if you run out of questions…  I’ve decided you can ask any question you’d like on your Post… just share!  No need to get lengthy. Short & sweet!  If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog & leave your link.  You can do so ABOVE!  Don’t forget to visit the other participants & follow! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends & new followers!
Question this week:   I’ve asked Judy, which twin is she in her photos she posts the smiley one that bares a great big smile & shows her pearly whites or the grin smile?  Do you have a favorite author / book?
Answer:  I don’t read too much, but my favorite author is Stephen King, and I love his Dark Towers series.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Answers: 1. Ruler  2.  Because it’s too far to walk 3.  Squash

  5 Responses to “Riddle Me This (Linky), Flashback, Friendship, & Happy Aloha Friday!”


    Thanks for hosting. The jokes made me smile. New follower!


      Welcome my new friend. I hope you had a chance to browse around, and see what type of a very friendly blog you have found. There’s always something new & exciting going on here. From reviews & give-aways to old photos and ROCK & ROLL! Health tips & recipes from time to time too! Now MY TURN! Going over to check my new friend out as I always do. Have a great weekend to you & all my friends, new & old & in-between! 🙂


    I always love your old photos, the one of your mom from 1942 is priceless.

    As for my favorite author, I have too many to mention, but my favorite genre is medical mysteries, the kind that Robin Cook and Michael Crichton write.

    Have a fantastic weekend.


      So happy you like my pics. I was browsing yesterday through them & my wedding pics, which I have an anniversary coming up in June so I wanted some I’ve never shown before thus found new pics. You have a great weekend dear friend! Thanks for stopping by!


    Love the riddles. Here’s one: Why did the rocket lose its job?

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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