May 182013

DSC07358The Steelmaster Tablet Stand

Oh my gosh, the uses I found for this stand is unbelievable.  To hold my Kindle Reader on my dresser, a picture, my recipe in the kitchen, and hubby likes it to hold his music up when he plays guitar.  I used it for my piano too!   I’ve also used it on my desk quite a bit holding bills I have to take care of at times, and used it to hold quite of few of them in order to pay with paper clips.  You see the stand isn’t that think so actually a paper clip or folding clip works quite nicely.   It’s just totally awesome, and why you ask?  First of all, it’s made sturdy and is not light weight at all.  It will hold anything I put on it.  This is definitely not something you get at a dollar store.  I love this stand, and guess what I found out quite accidently; it’s magnetic too!  I’ve put my doctor’s card on it so it’s always there, and quite handy for when I need it.  Now is that cool or what?

Now, there have been days where I’ve been using it in the kitchen quite a bit, and it being steel it wipes clean with a washcloth and dry it quick and it will shine like brand new!   Windex or softscrub works good to clean.   When I use those recipes that’s on a piece of paper or card a clothespin holds it very well.   Then at night I put my Kindle on its nightstand instead of just laying around.  *You see I love my Kindle Fire too.  It needed it’s own home at night to rest, and it looks elegant on my dresser with it’s own new night-time home!


Actually, there’s nothing I don’t like about this item because I know there will be many more uses I can find for it… that is if my husband keeps his hands off of it.  He used it in the car one day for his GPS that he clipped to it and had it on the console and worked great!  You couldn’t do that with a clipboard for example that’s for sure.  Nor could you use a clipboard in the kitchen.  It don’t stand for one, and just laying there would put a kink in my neck that’s for sure.    I mean look at that picture, doesn’t my Kindle just look like it was made for it?  To tell you the truth, I even use it while reading so I don’t have to hold my Kindle.  It doesn’t slide around either because of the cushion on the bottom of it.  It’s so very easy to use, and clean.  All you really have to do is just think of more uses!   I could use more office supplies like this one around the house with multiple uses that’s for sure.   I really love these promotional products they’ve been sending to me that are so very helpful!

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.     No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    Hey now, when did you get a Kindle lady?! Did I miss that particular post? I know you’ve wanted one for FOREVER and a day so I’m super happy you finally got one xD

    Anyway…this sounds like quite a multi-purpose product to have in the household! Not only that but it sounds durable, too.


    oh wow that is such a great idea, i love it! ive been looking for a nice sturdy stand for my kindle and this is just what i need! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. following you back and looking forward for your next post!

    Delightful Ideas


    Oh, I love the metal stand! I am so not a fan of plastic. Kindles Rule!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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