May 292013
XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Happy Wordless Wednesday is a great day to post a picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed! I blog-hop all day long looking at great pics & blogs, finding new friends! How about you? I sign up at my buddies below & then from then on WHO KNOWS!

So I promised some more Vacation pics, so here’s a few & tomorrow I’ll be doing a Post on more if you would like to see.  Hope you enjoy them as we did being there.  Below I remember someone said, “Your husband drinks like a fish”!  I guess they were right!  ~snicker~  By the way, we stayed at Lighthouse Point right next to Cedar Point.  They even have a shuttle bus that takes you to the park!

Cedar Point Day II 002

I personally went straight for the Hot Tub – this was after our first day at the park.  How do you like that over the shoulder shot!  ~hehehe~  Do you think I’m bringin’ Sexy back?  LMAO

Cedar Point Day II 056

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  11 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday… well sorta!”


    was weather warm enough for swimming? whoo hoo, your one hot mama 😉 did you go on any rides? I used to love roller coaster, but can’t do them anymore, sniff. I would of loved to join you in the hot tub!


      Weather was HOT the first two days & our faces were even sunburned. The first day tried walking most of the day, but I wore out around 3ish & couldn’t take no more. I was definitely hurting. Thus “HOT TUB” to the rescue… ahhhhh! The third day we froze with cold windy rainy weather. From Air conditioning to heat! Sounds like the makings of a cold to me, but knock on wood we’re okay. Rides? Yes, a HUGE ferris wheel, and something called the AirMax that just rocks back and forth & I almost barfed. Don’t do that at 9:30 a.m. not the right move. Took me an hour & half to feel better. YUK! My friend I saved you a spot in the hot tub, but you were a NO SHOW! ~snicker-snicker~


    Looks like a great place for part of your holiday. Looking forward to seeing more pics.


    Looks like it was a fun vacation!


    It’s always nice when the sun is shining 🙂


    I’m ready for it to warm up. It’s been so rainy in Nebraska.


    Yep, you’re looking hawt with the over the shoulder look. 🙂

    I posted on your Memorial Day post, but on your blogspot addy because I Googled you today instead of just typing in I knew better. duh 🙂


    Looks like such a great (and probably much needed) getaway! 🙂 Love the over-the-shoulder shot! 🙂

    Hickory Dickory Dock – the Cat Version


    Love the photos… You are definitely one sexy grandma!!!
    You are so totally cute, I cannot wait to see more photos of what you and Dave did on vacation.


    now that looks relaxing


    Dolly you always too sexy 🙂
    Love the photos!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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