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Riddle me this!

Forget your troubles… Come On Get Happy!  We’re gonna shake these blues away!    
So do you have a riddle or a joke you would like to share?   I know you know some jokes!  Come on now I need me a good laugh to celebrate the weekend is here!  WHO’S GONNA MAKE ME LAUGH THE WEEKEND IN!?!   If you like riddles/jokes then sign in on the linky below and share so we can all hop around reading riddles/jokes & yuk it up!!!  YUK YUK YUK

dog laughingSo here’s my riddles:  1.  What wears shoes, but has no feet?  2. A man has a barrel filled with oil that weighs 100 pounds & then he puts something into it. Now the barrel weighs less than 100 pounds. What did he put in the barrel?


This little cutie is my granddaughter “Tatyanna Marie”, and that’s my step-brother Paulie & she’s graduating grammar school tomorrow. She’s 14 now This was taken at our wedding 2000.

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!

This is me when I played in hubby’s band “Perfect Chaos” in 1995.

The Theme is Music!  (woo hoo right up my alley)!!!

  • Who are your favorite musical artists?  There’s not enough paper, but if I had to choose I guess I have to say THE DESIGNATED RIDERS OF COURSE!  bwahahahahahahaha  LEAD GUITAR DUDE IS THE BEST!!!!
  • Do you have a favorite song or album of all time?  Yes, but again I have so many you would be old & gray by the time you read them all.  I love Bon Jovi, Pink, Whitney Houston, Maroon 5, Shakira, Michael Buble, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee,… I guess it’s really what kind of mood I’m in.
  • Are you attending any concerts this summer?  Not sure.
  • Which musical competitions do you watch on TV?  The Voice, American Idol, X-Factor, and Britian’s Got Talent.

StacyCheck out Stacy!
Stacy started a Friday Free For All available for us – link up if you’re participating in any or none of the Friday fun she is participating in, or especially if you’re new to her blog so she can easily come pay you a visit.  I’m hooking us as usual! THANKS STACY


Question Time at my friend Judy’s the Twinless Twin:  (Click the above ? for a link to Judy’s).  Every weekend she has a blog post where she asks and answers questions.  It is a good way for readers to get to know more about her if they would like too, and also helps her to get feedback on a number of questions.  Also, if you run out of questions…  she’s decided you can ask any question you’d like on your Post… just share!  
My question for Judy is:   Hey Judy, Have you ever been to the U.S.?


Have a great weekend everyone!

Answers: 1. A Sidewalk 2. A hole

  9 Responses to “Riddle me this! (linky) on a Happy Flashback Friendship Friday ?”


    I’ve learned one thing coming to your blog… I’m terrible at riddles! I can never guess them. 🙁

    Your granddaughter is beautiful. And hey, I had no idea you were a rock star!!


      Girl, where ya been? Yes, I was with hubby for a few years, but actually I was backup vocalist, and I played keyboards. I played the guitar in two songs only. I prefer keys. 😉 You may be bad at riddles, but I hope they put a smile on your face at least 🙂 – Oh, and my granddaughter is a cutie. I totally agree. Well, that’s retired rock-star although I have picked up fiddling with the keys lately. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet, sweet comments. I’m off to the doctor & then to my daughter’s to spend the day with her, and off to graduation together! HUGS


    The music I like depends on my mood at the time too. I like so many different genres. Loving the picture of you in the band!


    Love The Voice. Who do you think is going to win this time around?


    Another very interesting post Marie and thank you so much for featuring my blog post. I am truly grateful. I have never travelled to the U.S.A.but hope to someday. So many relatives, friends and pen-pals have asked me when am I coming for a visit! Your granddaughter is adorable. Wow! What a lovely picture of you with the guitar. Real cool! It is great that you once played in your husband’s band. I like a wide variety of music. Take good care and have a wonderful weekend my friend.


      Judy, I like your Post, and what better way to get to know a new friend. My dad always said if you don’t ask questions, you’ll never know the answer! 🙂


    You got me with the second riddle, but as for the first, doesn’t a horse have hooves and not feet? Horses wear shoes, too. I liked up my Fun Facts for Friday post, and I will be back later to link up Silly Saturday!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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