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Well Ladies/gentlemen, I must say I never had such a hard time catching up with my blog, and my (DAM) E-Mail.  So, if anyone out there finds out I removed myself from your mailing list it’s nothing against you personally, I just have too much mail coming in.

Cedar Point Day II 150

The Maverick

Now back to cool stuff.  There’s just a few more pictures I may have of Cedar Point, and then I’ll show you the last day of RAIN, and cold weather we had, but we still found stuff to enjoy!

Sandusky Day One I 106

Cedar Point = Day One

Sandusky Day One I 082

Now, let’s see what we’ll do on Day II & III! Sitting in front of the Red Saloon where they had very cool shows!

The end of Day One was the swimming, and the Hot Tub, and the barbecue, which I already shown you. 🙂

So, that was Day One, and now on to Day Two. It’s still hot, and still very sunny. Let me introduce you to our Red Winged Black Bird, and Mr. & Mrs. Bumble.

Cedar Point Day II 080

Mrs. Bumble… hmmm or is that Mr. Bumble?


Cedar Point Day II 078

Our Red Winged Black Bird. I swear that bird was posing! 🙂

Did I tell you about those guys? They loved us, and they were quite bold. The bird even hopped in our cottage door, and looked around, and left (looking for food or more bread). Mr. & Mrs. Bumble just waited by our door for us to come out, and show us how they play!

Cedar Point Day II 137

The 1st ride & the last. New Gatekeeper at Cedar Point. An awesome ride. Smooth & quick & a line a mile long. We got in at 9:00 a.m. an hour before the park opens because we stayed on the grounds. Totally cool.

Then you have the main drive is “THE DRAGSTER”, which I went on years ago when it first arrived at the Park. I was scared to death. LOL Hubby loved it.Sandusky Day One I 077
So, we were there most of the day, but I had enough with the sun, and we played games too in the arcade.

Cedar Point Day II 141

So, let’s head for the shuttle.

Here’s what we won. Dave tried it one time & won 200 tixs. grrrrrrrrr Anyway, I picked out some desperately needed pans. Very cool instead of junk that they usually have for low points. Cool huh?


Cedar Point Day II 144

See that building behind him? That’s where those college kids stay that work there. See my new pans?

Sandusky Day One I 044 Does this look familiar to anyone? Yes, it’s my Wordless Wednesday pic. The end of a perfect day!

Okay, next time I’ll show you more of our cottage, and the last day, which was cold and rainy! So sad, but we had fun anyway!hearts-floating

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    Isn’t it strange that on a vacation, we just go go go. Then when we get home, we need to rest up because of all of that going. Ha! Time for some relaxation! 😀


    Haha vacations are always …well supposed to be fun and it’s true that you just go and go and go and then when you get home, you want a vacation 🙂

    I love the hot tub idea too and want to be in one myself.

    Glad you had a blast honey! That husband of yours is a keeper!


    so happy you have enjoyed your vacay


    Sounds like a lot of fun 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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