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This post is in partnership with the Dog bark collar store.  What is the Dog Bark Collar Store you ask?  Well, it’s this wonderful store for all dog owners who love there dogs like we love our “Baby”…DSC00210

This store has many fine items for your dog that holds a special place in your heart, but naturally one of their main items is to control barking, and they have a few items on that from Electronic Dog Collars to a PetSafe Unltrasonic Bark Control Bird House.


The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control is an ultrasonic bark deterrent that’s cleverly disguised as a birdhouse. You see, the unit senses the dog barking and emits a high pitched noise, inaudible to the human ear, to stop the dog from barking. Clever, huh?

From what I’ve read the Dog bark collars are to help you stop your dog from excessive barking.  My dog goes nuts when I open the door to let the fresh air in every time someone walks by with their dog to the point that I have to get up & look to see what she’s barking about.  Dog bark control collars work by providing your dog an instant correction when there is undesirable barking behavior.  Now I’m not sure my dog needs that because I like the idea that she barks when someone comes to the door & I’m home alone, but if some dogs to bark excessively like I read one lady’s dog barks every time a bike or skate boarder goes by when she takes him for a ride.  That would drive me crazy too.

There are three types of these training devices (collars). A dog bark control collar uses one of three methods to correct the barking behavior Electric Bark collars, Citronella Bark Collars, and Ultrasonic Bark Collars.  These can be found at their website where you can learn all about them, and what they do.

 How a Dog Bark Collar Works

“When a dog barks, the bark is detected by a sensor that picks up vibrations of the vocal chords, or a microphone that picks up the noise. The collar corrects the behavior by responding with a correction. With the collar and a little training, the dog quickly learns that barking earns him an unpleasant correction and reduces or eliminates the problem behaviors. ”  Okay, I understand some dogs do  bark excessively, but for my personal opinion I think I would choose the Ultasounic Bark Collar.  I’m not so sure I agree with the Electric Bark collar, but to each their own and besides I’m no expert in the matter either.

Ultrasonic Bark Collars respond to the dog’s barking with a high pitched tone that is unpleasant to the dog’s ears.  The tone is used for to make that dog stop barking, and therefore, it’s a mild way that the dog would gradually learn he’s not supposed to do that.

This company not only will help you pick a collar for your needs, but they also have a website you can read the instructions, and WHY!  They even have a hot-line for you to call.  Now that’s a good company.

So not only can you be happy, and satisfied with your choice, but your DOG will be too because when he does the deed correctly he gets a treat.  You always reward your pet when she’s good.  I do!

At the Vet's 023

Also, don’t forget to bring your best friend into the Vet’s at the very least once a year for a check-up and her/his shots! Your dog will thank you for it. Woof!

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  6 Responses to “The Dog Bark Collar Store Review”


    im not so sure about how I feel about this yet,,it would have to be really bad for me to use it on my pet,,I like mine letting me know someone is around the house


      Thanks for stopping by Vickie! I like mine to bark in the house when she hears a noise, but some dogs go crazy when they’re outside and don’t shut up. So, I guess it’s for them. 🙂


    I need to get this for my mom. One of her dogs barks CONSTANTLY when outside, just for no reason at all. Drives me crazy!! (We live next door and share a backyard.)


    I have used a regular stop barking collar before, and I don’t like them. I felt so guilty when the dog would get a shock. I like the idea of a high pitch noise outside in that birdhouse one. Might get them all to shut up when they are outside.


    Nice post Marie 🙂 Dog bark collar is designed only to minimize or limit the number of barking, It doesn’t mean it would stop barking at all. Just like the static or electric bark collar that activates a mild static when the dog starts barking. The mild static of this dog collar is not harmful it just like a tickle, although it also adjustable the level of correction depend on the capacity of the dog. However, the desired results will not success without your personal guidance and dog training.


    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway, I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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