Jun 142013

Riddle me this!

Forget your troubles… Come On Get Happy!  We’re gonna shake these blues away!    
So do you have a riddle or a joke you would like to share?   I know you know some jokes!  Come on now I need me a good laugh to celebrate the weekend is here!  WHO’S GONNA MAKE ME LAUGH THE WEEKEND IN!?!   If you like riddles/jokes then sign in on the linky below and share so we can all hop around reading riddles/jokes & yuk it up!!!  YUK YUK YUK

dog laughingSo here’s my riddles:  1.  When can a hunter in the woods find his lost hound?  2. What has 18 legs & catches flies?

me, mom, and jr
This is the summer of 1957 at Burlington, North Carolina visiting friends.   It’s me, my Mom & my big brother Russ, Jr.

This Week’s Theme Is Quotes

Quotes motivate us, encourage us and inspire us – bring out the best in us!

  • What quotes do you find particularly inspiring – and why?
  • What quote has guided you through a rough season in your life?
  • Is there a quote you share with readers on your blog?  Well, to tell you the truth I really don’t guide my life by quotes, but there is one they I found on a plague at a dollar store that I bought and I’ve had it in my home ever since.
  • shut my mouth


StacyCheck out Stacy!
Stacy started a Friday Free For All available for us – link up if you’re participating in any or none of the Friday fun she is participating in, or especially if you’re new to her blog so she can easily come pay you a visit.  I’m hooking us as usual! THANKS STACY


Question Time at my friend Judy’s the Twinless Twin:  (Click the above ? for a link to Judy’s).  Every weekend she has a blog post where she asks and answers questions.  It is a good way for readers to get to know more about her if they would like too, and also helps her to get feedback on a number of questions.  Also, if you run out of questions…  she’s decided you can ask any question you’d like on your Post… just share!  
My question for Judy is:   Hey Judy, what is your favorite American meal?


Have a great weekend everyone!

Answers:  1.  By putting his ear to a tree and listening to the bark.  2.  A baseball team.

  4 Responses to “Riddle me this! (linky) on a Happy Flashback Friendship Friday”


    You got me with both riddles today. I’ll be linking up my Saturday post when I get it up. Have a great Friday!


    This is fun! I love the pic of you, your brother, and your mom. Your mom had some smoking hot legs!! 🙂

    Happy weekend to you!


    Hello there Marie,
    Thanks for sharing more riddles and their answers. I can soon pretend that I am a riddle expert! LOL Another lovely picture of you, your mom and brother. Let me see, what is my favourite American meal? I am not sure but I think a lot of Americans love macaroni and cheese and I am a big fan of this dish. Have yourself a wonderful weekend.


    Oops, I forgot to mention that I love that quote! Words of wisdom!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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