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Come on now, is she too cute or what? And she’s such a good girl and loves to go for a ride! We’re talking total excitement here!!! LOL BUT… That’s not why I’m back as a follow up to a previous review. “The Dog Bark Collar Store Review“, I wanted to share some frugal dog tips they have to offerat Dog Bark Collar.com… plus it gives me a chance to show off our baby one more time!


Isn’t she just too cute? She’s a really good watch dog, and smart too, so why wouldn’t I want the best for her?

So, I wanted to tell you about a neighbor of mine that her and I were talking and her tiny Chihuahua kept yapping and yapping at me, and I couldn’t hear a bit of what she was saying, and she kept yelling at the dog, and I said that it was funny I just did a Post with regards to a Bark Collar.  She proceeded to tell me how she couldn’t afford anything like that, but that’s when I told her that number one there’s a satisfaction guarantee policy at Dog Bark Collar.com & that they definitely had the lowest price, and the really neat part is if it doesn’t work for your dog or there’s something you don’t like about it there’s a no hassle returns policy too as long as you return it within thirty (30) days!  I mean WHOA!  Why can’t that be the policy at every store we shop, right?

Another thing, in addition to free shipping… oh, I’m sorry did I mention that yet?   Yeah, there’s definitely free shipping too!  Love it when there’s no hidden fees don’t you?   I told her go check around, but they really do have lowest prices you will find anywhere among authorized resellers.    Besides what I read in their article (love this)  if you find a lower price at another authorized retailer just tell them, and they’re happy to match it!    I mean dam, the last time I heard that was at Christmas time at Home Depot!  bwahahashahaha

So, I gave her the number (877) 470 – 4844, and oh, they have email too!  ask@dogbarkcollar.com.  So,  I finally just told her just go to dogbarkcollar.com and check all the info there, and at least she won’t get any more warning from the police department either. ~snicker-snicker~   The reason I tell you this story is she stopped by, and told me she had just come from the police station from paying her fine, and she forgot the website I told her about!  Yes, I gave it to her!  Aren’t I a nice person???  🙂  Have a great day everyone!~!!

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 *This post is in partnership with the dog bark collar store. 

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  11 Responses to “The Dog Bark Collar Store saved my neighbor from fines!”


    That’s marvelous that the Dog Bark Collar is going to save your neighbor from any more problems with the police. I guess that why I like living in open country with my nearest neighbor a quarter of a mile away. I can have the dogs barking, and not have to worry about it.


    My dogs bark way too much; however, knock on wood, no one has tried to break into our house with them around.



    Sounds like a good product to use when your dog just barks for no reason at all. Would be worth the money.


    I dont own a dog but i wish a couple people in my hood would get this as there dogs bark nonstop


    *chuckles* She should have listened to you to begin with.
    I do not have a dog but if I did, this sounds like an excellent product to have.


    This is something that I need to get for my dog. She loves to bark at everything and anything. Thanks for sharing this amazing review.


    haha, funny. I like the “snicker snicker” I love your dog! I have always wanted a lab but haven’t lived in a location suitable yet. I will def. keep the dog bark collar store in mind for when I get my puppy!


    I wish someone would give one of these to my neighbor! (maybe I will anonymously)


    First off, your dog is GORGEOUS! And I mean that in CAPS! Beautiful forever friend you have there. I have not heard of these collars. We have 2 cats, but no dogs. But what a wonderful solution, especially for those who live in close neighborhoods where the barking might be bothersome to others. I have a lot of dog loving friends. I’m going to let them know about this & I’ll direct them here for your link to the company. Thanks for the info!


    Did your neighbor get into any more trouble?


    Wow! Maybe, I need to recommend this to my neighbor. But actually, she is moving.

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