Jun 192013

I am so happy with my new office supplies. Everything has a place, and everything in its place. I’m so organized it’s almost scary! ~snicker~

This Deflect-o Cube (DEF350301) with 4 Drawers, Clear Plastic, 6 x 7-1/8 x 6
I found great uses for mine. Rubber-bands, paperclips, tacks and my medicine bottles so they’re not all over the place, and I never lose them because one rolled off the desk. So convenient. So cool!

Deflect-o Desk Cube (DEF350401)

Deflect-o Two Drawer Cube Organizer (DEF350101)

Deflecto-o Desk Cube with Dividers (DEF350201)

These are the greatest organizers I have ever tried. I’m actually totally organized!    Amazing!  ~hehe~

My desk looks neat & clean!   Now, I have to talk my husband into getting some.  They’re not heavy at all, but they’re not that chintzy plastic either.   They’re quite  sturdy actually.  They’re not clear & smooth.  They’re that hmmm I would call it frosted so you can get a grip on it when you’re moving them from one place to another & they won’t slip out of your hands.  Totally cool!  I’m luvin’ my set for sure!

The Deflect-o-Desk Cube with dividers is fabulous. I use to put all my pens/pencils in a glass mixed with other things i.e. scissors, emery boards etc. and I could never find what I was looking for, but now see the picture pens on top, pencils to the left sticker notes on the bottom & magic markers to the right.

Such promotional products I think is really going to go far for the person who wants everything neat & tidy!

Being a retired legal assistant I saw great possibilities for these in my world… past & present!!!  Where were these when I needed them!

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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  5 Responses to “Deflect-o Desk Cubes @ Shoplet.com Review”


    I could really use these. The top of my computer desk is just piles of papers and cords, and boxes of stuff. Hey, how come the hole puncher is there, too?


      What hole puncher? The black round bean like thing is where you put post-its inside – same principle of tissue… just pull one out. The black tiny box is a ring box where I put my earring studs (I change off a lot), and under that is my pencil sharpener, so not sure what you mean.


    I like that Deflecto-o cube, that’s got a neat design with the dividers like that!


      Yes, I think it’s a cool idea too. My glass was overflowing with this, that & the other thing. My only regrets is I forgot to take a before pic… sorry everyone, but if I find a pic by chance I will share. I’m very satisfied & happy with these because yes I’m a bit of a neat freak.


    Desk organization-yes!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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