Jun 272013


My friend’s daughter, Cory loves to play the games.  Mommy plays something like this on Facebook she says.  She saw the game on my table, and begged me if she could play with it. Well, check it out…


Hmmm Love the bling-bling so far and she loves card games… PLAY WITH ME! I knew that was coming, but still being a tad busy she decides to try it by herself first anyway!



It’s a card version of an addictive online Bejeweled game that I play all the time! Collapse matching cards and collect gems, and then you earn bonus points with Boost Gems! WOO HOO BLING-BLING! When the cards run out you get to count up all your points for each card stack and Boost Gems then whoever has the highest score wins the game!

Cory & I had tons of fun collapsing each other’s stack down, but then…  (see below)!


Okay, tough guy! No cheating now! Oh, by the way… just to let you know I did lose the game! STOP LAUGHING!!!


So, what you think you can do better??? Kids love being competitive, and not only that this game also comes with a link to redeem four Rare Gems that can be used in the Bejeweled Blitz online game. (A Mobile device is not included with this game). To access these digital features, you must be 13 yrs. or older, and have a valid Facebook account. There are also additional terms and conditions apply to the digital features offer.


“THE WINNER”! Okay kid, get that smirk off your face! We had a blast! It’s really quite a fun game for all ages! Cory and I will definitely be playing this game again maybe we can even talk her Mom into playing with us! I’m sure of it! ~hehe~

For ages 8+; 2-4 Players; Available NOW! Approximate Retail Price: $14.99!

Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review. 


  7 Responses to “Hasbro’s New “Bejeweled Frenzy Game” Review!”


    I didn’t know it was in a game form instead of an app., though as I type that I’m thinking maybe I did see it somewhere (old age creeping up on me, I guess ;)). This is a game I’m pretty sure my daughter would like, card game queen that she is. 🙂 Thanks for the FYI on the product.


    I love playing Bejeweled every day on FB. I might have to ask for this game for Christmas!


    I’ve heard this game was fun thanks for the review


    I don’t think I have played this game on facebook but I’m pretty sure I have gotten requests to 🙂 I’ll have to check it out, it looks like fun. I’m sure my 11 year old daughter would have a blast with it.


    Looks kind of cool. I like the online version but overall, I do like games so, I would like this one too.
    I cannot believe she beat ya. Re-match! 😉


    We like playing Bejeweled on the computer. This looks like great fun as a board game, too!


    This looks like a fun game! Already hooked on the digital game!

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