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Riddle me this!

Forget your troubles… Come On Get Happy!  We’re gonna shake these blues away!    
So do you have a riddle or a joke you would like to share?   I know you know some jokes!  Come on now I need me a good laugh to celebrate the weekend is here!  WHO’S GONNA MAKE ME LAUGH THE WEEKEND IN!?!   If you like riddles/jokes then sign in on the linky below and share so we can all hop around reading riddles/jokes & yuk it up!!!  YUK YUK YUK

dog laughingSo here’s my riddles:  1.  What is worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?  2. I can run, but I can’t walk.  What am I?

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!

My Gramma's & Grandpa's Wedding June, 1919.

My Gramma’s & Grandpa’s Wedding June, 1919, and we were married 12.99.  80 yrs. later!

Wedding Party_crop 6.24.2000img119

Our Wedding invitation from June 24, 2000 Dave made them on our computer.

Our Wedding invitation from June 24, 2000 Dave made them on our computer.  81 years after my grandparents wedding!


This Week’s Theme Is Quotes

This Week’s Theme Is Vacation

As summer literally starts to heat up, is your energy starting to fade?  Sometimes
Perhaps its time for a bit of a break! Amen to that.

  • What are your plans for vacation this summer?  We already took our vacation at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio & it was great!
  • How often do you take a vacation from your blog?  We can take a vacation from our blog? Really?  Nahhhhhhhhh

This week, let’s chat about things that relax and rejuvenate us!  **A good night’s rest is all I need.  Anyone see one of those around here somewhere?  Can I buy one in a store?

StacyCheck out Stacy!
Stacy started a Friday Free For All available for us – link up if you’re participating in any or none of the Friday fun she is participating in, or especially if you’re new to her blog so she can easily come pay you a visit.  I’m hooking us as usual! THANKS STACY


Question Time at my friend Judy’s the Twinless Twin:  (Click the above ? for a link to Judy’s).  Every weekend she has a blog post where she asks and answers questions.  It is a good way for readers to get to know more about her if they would like too, and also helps her to get feedback on a number of questions.  Also, if you run out of questions…  she’s decided you can ask any question you’d like on your Post… just share!  
My question for Judy is:   What is your favorite Amusement Park?  Favorite Ride?


Have a great weekend everyone!

Answers:  1. A centipede with sore feet.  2.  Water.

  3 Responses to “Riddle me this! On a Flashback”


    Happy Anniversary!!! WOW I love the fact that you have your grandparents wedding photograph. How Brilliant is that. Heart yer face off my friend.


    That’s awesome that you have that wedding picture of your grandparents! You were a beautiful bride in your picture too. Happy Anniversary (a few days late). 🙂

    LOL at the giraffe. 🙂 I’m headed over to visit Judy. Happy weekend to you, Marie!


    Greetings from Jamaica on this Sunday afternoon Marie! I came close with the second riddle. I thought it was a river but I see it is really water. Not too far off eh?! I love the wedding pictures. They are beautiful. There are no amusement parks near to me as I live in a rural area. I am not that brave these days so I am not sure if I would go on any daring rides. Anything that is not too fast or too high I may have a go at!:) Take good care and have a wonderful week.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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