Jul 142013

Okay then, 20% is better than no percent right? So, what else is goin’ on at the Boys Halloween Costume Place?  Plus is that “Free Shipping”, I see on orders $60+?  See this little guy below us that’s my grandson, and he’s a Ninja today and a Speed Racer yesterday, and maybe he’ll be Batman tomorrow.  A child’s imagination is a wondrous thing, and should definitely not be stifled.  With the costumes it sort of makes the imagination go to 3D doesn’t it?  Can you remember when we were kids, and we use to ask Mom for an old sheet, and a blacken cork to mark up our faces or maybe use an old mop head for a wig.  It’s just not the same in today’s day and age.  These children want their Superman to become a reality.  They want to really BE a superhero or princess.  They want to be the knight in shining armor that kills the dragon.  They’re only children once, so let’s not stifle their imagination because don’t blink that childhood will be gone and teenagers will take over with their boom-boxes or baseball, hockey or cheer leading.


Costumes are not only for Halloween, but what about being the Belle of the Ball, or head chef at that Fourth of July Party, Santa passing out gifts or the New Years Baby!?! There are so many reasons and costumes to help you out with. Who says Halloween has a monopoly on costumes? I would love just once to go to a party that was just a “Costume Party” in the middle of summer so I wouldn’t have to hide my costume with a big wooly coat! I’m sure the kids would too. We need to change that around because our poor kids love their costumes, but have to hide them from the freezing rain or cold or both these days!  So who wants to be Uncle Sam for the Fourth of July or wear that sarong at the next Luau or maybe hubby in a grass skirt?  bwahahahaha Or maybe just because!  Maybe because your little boy wants to run around the yard being Batman, Superman, or a Ninja, and what better place to help you make your little guy’s dream come true.  What better place can make their imaginations run wild, and become a reality then at Halloween Adventure?  They have so much like masks, wigs, make-up, hats, props and decorations, adult costumes too along with the kids costumes, and so much more.  All I can say is I got the movie camera ready, do you?

So what do you think about this? Leave a comment below and let me know.  IS IT TIME TO PARTY YET???

   Okay this is helpful!  hehehehe

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    Will have to check into this for Halloween this October. We dress up for a party every year at our local VFW club. Thanks for the great info.


    what a cute costume


    Who doesn’t want to be a ninja? I do! Hee hee


    Will have to check into this for Halloween this October. We dress up for a party every year at our local relative house…

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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