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Escape to a world of fantasy, thrilling adventure, and magic warms the heart!

Dateline: Atlantis

by Lynn Voedisch

Genre:  Contemporary Fantasy

Published by: Fiction Studio Books
Publication Date: April 2, 2013
Number of Pages: 277
ISBN: 978-1-936558-57-5
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The story starts out being told by a young woman’s journey in the journalism world as Amaryllis Lang with pen name of Amy Quigley.  As stated this is a work of fiction, and names, characters, places, and incidents are all fictitious.  This book was dedicated to adventurers who endeavor to expand the human knowledge by searching for traces of ancient civilizations.

The twists and turns with possibly finding evidence of Atlantis, kidnapping, and switching back in time with the murder of her archeologist parents—and they may be the same villains who are working against her own efforts to bring the Caribbean discovery to light.  Dancing into the night, and into the arms of a man and then… and then… a triangle of romantic involvement.

Enter the FBI as they think she is an important witness to a crime, but then let’s not forget about The Sphinx that needs decoding.  Storms, and earthquakes uncovering historical evidence to only cover it up again with another quirk from Mother Nature.  The story goes on to a climaxing ending.


      I was amazed when I requested to review this book because I am not an avid reader to be quite honest with you.  Therefore, I felt not being one, this book should and will get a very honest opinion.    In reading the brief synopsis of this book it was about all the things that I knew would interest me, and keep me awake (reading puts me to sleep).   I have been interested in Atlantis since high-school when I first found out about it.   This young woman that tells the story seems to me she’s an adventurous, and very independent, and a determined young lady to get what she really wants.   When I started to read about her I became one in the same with her being like her when I was young, and facing the world.

     As I read this story it became more of a place that I could go to, and forget about reality, and hide within the realm of the author’s fantasy.  The author had a way to pull you in with emotional thoughts, and exciting scenes, but yet keep you on the edge of your seat with twists & turns of excitement, and mystery.   At times they were a bit complex, but as you read on you were back in a comfort zone smiling and giggling at the author’s whimsical way of explaining a scene sometimes, and then being taken as if Alfred Hitchcock himself stepped in, and wrote a chapter or two I was awaken by the mysterious changes at every page after page.  I still believe whole heartedly if walls could talk.

I personally cannot wait to see if there is going to be a Part II because I’m going to be first in line.  This book was highly entertaining in a sense that you could actually feel like you were watching a movie.  The author definitely has a way with words to hold your interest, and I hated to put the book down when I had to stop for a moment for the real world’s chores.  Many a time I thought oh this might happen next or that was going to happen next, and I was always wrong.  Many times I was in awe at such a turn in the story, and never would’ve though it would lead to such a fabulous end.  Did you ever read a book or see a movie that you said, “Oh, it should have ended this way or that”.  Not this story!  They should definitely make a movie out of it.

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    WOW!! What a fantastic review!! Exceptional!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book!


    This book sounds really good, and will be neat to read now that I am home again.


    Oh geeze, as if I do not have tons of other books. I need to secure this book too. I like intrigue and Atlantis! Great review!

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