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Open” is for families because “Open” is for everyone. Yes, accountability is helpful for individuals; it can help men become better husbands and fathers and women become better wives and mothers, and accountability can help young believers grow into a more mature faith. But beyond showing the individual benefits of accountability, “Open” shows that an honest, forgiving, caring, consistent, and respectful dialogue within a group dynamic–including families–serves only to make that group stronger and closer together. Your family relationships are forever and will outlast all others–why not make them open?
– Craig Gross, author of Open

This was sent to me, and I read…

Read this new life-changing book from Craig Gross, available now wherever books and eBooks are sold!

The time has come for each of us to become accountable. To experience the freedom, peace of mind, and overwhelming self-confidence that come from living a life free of secrets and lies.  Get “Open“, the new, life changing book by Craig Gross, wherever books and eBooks are sold! #getopen
Still curious, I read on…

How Open Are You? QUIZ – How willing are you to share your true personality with others? Do you trust other enough to let them see the real you? Take the quiz to find out how Open you truly are!

Hmmmm… Interesting, I said to myself.   So, I kept reading, and then I said, “Self, what about a little bit about this author…

Craig Gross is an author, speaker, pastor, and revolutionary.   He shot to prominence in 2002 when he founded the website XXXchurch.com.   Craig is the author of nine books. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, Jeanette, and their two children, Nolan and Elise.

Interesting man… must be an interesting book?  Ya think?  At least his kids don’t have celebrity names like polkadots or pillow or jetblack!  Where do these people come up with their kids names in Hollywood is beyond me.  Okay, so the author is laid back, and just like you or I.  What else?   Endorsements!  Cool, check this out!

Endorsements Received for Craig Gross’s book, Open:
“I don’t say this often, but this book is a must read.”
Jefferson Bethke

“Open is one of the most relative and practical books on accountability I’ve ever read. Craig takes many routes, through stories from pop culture and his personal journey to help lead you to a life thats Open.”
Josh McCown
NFL Journeyman


Special Offer:
**For anyone who preorders the book via ThomasNelson.com before the street date of July 30, Thomas Nelson are also offering a special freebie pack. Visit ThomasNelson.com to learn more**

Now here’s the kicker… are ya ready?  The sponsor would like to give one of my readers…

a SIGNED copy to award one lucky reader of “Open”!  Woo Hoo!!!

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    Hello! I hope this note finds you well and happy! I am 68 percent open. Which is pretty open. Thank you. Vicki.


    I scored a 96% It said I was a breath of fresh air.


    I am 23% open….which is ok because I’m a private person.


    23% – but I am also private so not surprised.


    I am 93 percent open.


    23% open; no surprise there!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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