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Music on World off

Welcome aboard our 151st week of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!

notesXmasDolly, Conductor on this Musical trip.  Co-conductors Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, Cathy of Cathy Kennedy’s Blog and our Honorary Co-Conductor for the month of July has been held over due to lack of volunteering is our very own NAILA MOON (APPLAUSE) of Just the Stuff You Know.  Thank you very much Naila for agreeing to stay over. (APPLAUSE-HUGS),  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!  We’re eager for your train to arrive so we may follow you to the next stop & hear your tunes!

STEPS:  You Tube,  lock & load!  Grab “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.  SIGN LINKY, Follow US, & leave a Rockin’ comment! Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin’ Bloggers & bring some back with you to join us!  As you may have noticed any link that you see with NO MUSIC you don’t  have to visit if you don’t want too. It’s for your convenience. Do I watch out for my Buds or what?  Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” now gets the PRIVILEGE of picking A “THEME”! EVERY OTHER WEEK FREEBIES REMAIN THE SAME.

Don’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK! 

I’m back from BlogHer and boy do I have the Posts coming up for you!  So tired right now, but they’ll be coming at a fast pace (I hope) because I also heard I shall be having back surgery soon, so bare with me okay you guys!  HUGS NOW LET’S ROCK!

So, this week’s theme is Summertime Songs by Chrissy @ Loving Life.  Okay, let me see what I have in my little black bag!  Summertime songs Hmmmm  How about Fantasia in “Summertime”

Stray Cats “Ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues!

Mungo Jerry, In the Summertime! (Love this song!) hehehe

Mumbo V

What’s summer without the BEACH BOYS IN KOKOMO

WELL THAT’S IT!  TOO ALL MY FRIENDS OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND – WHO LUVS YA BABY!!!  NOW HOP AWAY AND SEE HOW MANY MORE TUNES YOU CAN FIND TO ROCK THE HOUSE! THANKS FOR ROCKIN’ OUT WITH US!I selected this post to be featured on Best Music Blogs. Please visit the site and vote for my blog.Also, don’t forget to visit Music Monday for more ROCK & ROLL FUN!treble-clef-highway-300x300
RIDING ON DOWN TO YOUR PLACE BABY, IT’S NO TREBLE AT ALL!!!  Got some new signatures from my friend Faythe at Grammy Mouse Tails.  I want to do a big shout out to her, and thank her from the bottom of my heart!  Girlfriend you know me too well!  hahahaha  You duh best!  Stop by her and say hello!Singer.xmasdolly-MMM

  19 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    I haven’t listened to Mambo #5 in ages!! definitely a good summer tune. And holy moly…..how on earth did I leave The Beach Boys out of a summer music list?!! Good thing you are thinking girl. Love Kokomo and it definitely is a great summer tune.


    Oh strong, lovely voice Fantasia Barrino. I remember her from those summers in the early 2000s.


    What a great line-up! They were cool, especially the Beach Boys.


    I remember seeing Fantasia on AI and how amazing she was. It is very nice to hear her again. I just knew someone would pick the Beach Boys, of course you did not disappoint. Looking forward to hearing about BlogHer.
    ~Naila Moon


    I love your selections this week My favourite is In The Summertime reminds me of school 😉

    Have a summertastic week

    PS: I don’t see a link to grab the Linky code?


    Summertime Blues, In the Summertime, & Kokomo are smokin’ hot summertime tunes! The Beach Boys are the very essences of summer all year round. I’ll pass on Fantasia, as I have never been a fan. Mambo #5 is new-to-me, but I loved listening to it – really funny! It’s great to smile while you dance. 😀 Thanks for the sizzlin’ sensation!


    I never heard all above songs… great to know new songs! Happy MMMM!


    Your link is kinda depressing because today marks the day when my summer vacation officially ends, and I go back to teaching. I kid you not. We go back in frickin’ July.



      Oh no! You poor honey! JULY???? WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL DO YOU TEACH AT??? That is so weird! Well, guess you’ll have to party harder on the weekend! hehehehehe Or play hookie!


    Love a meme, even more when it’s music-themed! Jumped onboard. Thanks! 🙂


      WOO HOO !!! WELCOME! So happy to have you join us Rock in the week. Just check out my side-bar for the themes and every other week is a “FREEBIE”! And careful we have a Spotlight Dancer too chosen by random.org and that means you get “No. 1″ spot” and get to choose a theme! and shake your booty! hehehehe hope you like rockin’ with us and don’t forget our button! Spotlight Dancer has their own special button, but you can’t post until your chosen. 🙂 So happy to have you on board. Wanna dance? ~hehehehe~


    I love your choices especially In the Summertime and Kokomo! Have a great week!


    Real combo #5 is too fun! LOVE it!
    And I had no clue Fantasia had a summertime song!

    Very fun list Dolly.
    Thanks for rocking and sharing!
    Have a fun week!


    the link for grabbing the code is missing! Oh well.


    Mungo Jerry ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! 🙂

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