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XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Mr. Sunshine I see you’re trying to come out, and I hope you’re out soon.

I will pick up on my BlogHer NEXT TIME, but for now an update on my medical status!


My Dave came to see me almost every single day at Hinsdale Hospital until I told him one day to go straight home from work cuz I knew he was exhausted until I told him to go home & the next day he had to take me to the rehab place cuz the hospital was full.  It was called ManorCare of Naperville, which totally depressed me & put me in a funk that I had to get out of.  All I saw was very old people and they looked like they were dying.  Dave left because it was 10:30 p.m. by the time we got there and I didn’t even want to sleep.


Stayed up most of the night doing e-mail so I wouldn’t drown in that, and it kept my mind off of things. Thanks everyone who sent me mail because it was massive! It made me feel so much better… More in tomorrow’s Post. Back is doing okay, and yes I’m home now with home care of three nurses and an LPN/MY DAUGHTER! It was because of her I got to get out of that place because she was going to take care of me. So I’m going to do winners for my give-aways that are way over due sorry everyone and get my reviews and give-aways up and again a big apologize to you and my sponsors. Right now a nurse came today and I’m fighting an infection and fighting to stay awake. I really really really missed you all! HUGGGGSSSSS … LUCY, I’M HOME!



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    I have been wondering how you have been doing. Noticed that you went in for some type of surgery, hope it is not too serious and all. I am not a big fan of going under at all. I am 56 years old this year, and hoping to never have a surgery done again for awhile. Hope your feeling well and that all is great with the family. Get better soon have been missing you on the blog.


      Thank you very much June. I had back surgery & I think I came home to soon. I planned on having a LPN here, but it didn’t work out. I do have three visiting nurses coming, but that is slowing starting. Husband has to go back to work tomorrow, so I will be alone again. Going to have to figure something out there. Am I scared? Yes, you’re dam right I’m scared, and worried, but that’s me queen of the worry warts. Hugs and thanks for the kind wishes. You did lift my spirits.


    So good to see that you are home and that you have some great home care. I am still thinking about posting a WW. Just not feeling so hot today myself due to changes in the weather – it always gets to me. Have a great day tomorrow, and keep recovering well!



      Baby girl, you are a true friend and thank you so much for the get well card that sits on my desk & puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. You also get well and let’s heal together. Healing hugs to you. me… I’m still trying to figure out what to do. I do have great home care which is my husband. I feel the best care is “Love”, and he has an over abundance that he covers me with that is healing me and that’s the gospel truth. Friendship is more healing that is the best and I can go on, and I truly believe it. So here is my friendship and here is my love for you as my friend let us take this, and heal ourselves as quickly as we can, and seal it with a prayer, God’s love for the both of us.


    Manor care was nice and clean and the people there were recouping just like you. There was that young guy with knee surgery that was physically fit and yes there were older people there but most seemed to be peppy and active.

    I loved that they allowed pets to visit. I know you would of been happy to see Baby if Dave brought her up for you. I only visited u there the one day but I’m happy you are home now too. Each day brings you closer to a better recovery and a new day. Missy will be there tomorrow for you and you’ll really get some therapy. SO happy Dave was able to take off of work to help you out the first 2 days.


      What a guest sees and what a patient sees is two different things. Personally I don’t want to talk about it at this time, but I will say that their showers were humiliating. A nurse takes you in this room and yes there’s a chair you can sit on and she hoses you down. She puts a dab of shampoo on your head (mind you I have long hair) and you scrub your head as quickly as you can before she hoses it off – I brought my own cream rinse this time I got a dab of that and hurried to pull it through and that was hosed off. I remember getting a fading bar of soap, and hosed down and a towel thrown at me and “hurry now I have many things to do”. Are you done? Are you done? Yes, I was done. Therapy was pushed to the max until I finally said I had enough and walked out of the room. I can go on, but what’s the sense. I’m out of there and I feel for the patients there, but I am going to donate all books I have and stuffed animals because it seems that’s all that puts a smile on the patients faces. The fact of the matter as you say “I’m home and happy that love heals all”! The pets was the best healing device they had and they are to be commended for that!”


    Just came over to check on you and see how things went. I’m glad to hear that you’re home and on the mend!!


      Rosey, I’m always happy to see your name on my comments because just your name makes me smile and feel rosey! hehehe Pardon the pun. Thanks for the kind words. I’m on the mend, but I’m afraid it’s a slow process.


    I am glad you’re home. I know how good this feels to you. I can relate to how you felt about seeing old people in the hospital because that’s exactly what surrounded me during my recent stay. Take it easy, and do let me know, if I can help out in any way. My thoughts & prayers are with you, and I’m sending you cyber hugs >—(^-^)—<


      Cathy, my dearest friend. How can I ever thank you for keeping my baby 4M’s going Monday. Being on all these drugs and worrying about this that and the other thing I just can’t do this alone for a while. Would you please help me with Monday’s meme… I don’t know how we can collaborate on this, but tweeting is good to remind people and… the pain keeps coming back and I have to stop for now.. I’ll e-mail you… sorry. Please be patient with me. Hugs, Marie


    I’ll bet you’re so glad that you are home. It’s always better when you’re in your own bed and with your own people. Get better soon, my friend.

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