Aug 252013

Blowing you all a “smooch” from Hinsdale Hospital! 🙂


Good morning everyone!  I would like to share a wonderful happening right here in my family.  It’s short & sweet & it might make you wonder, but if you believe in the Lord as I do it shall not be a surprise!


As you know I recently had back surgery, and the reason I got out of Manor Care early was my youngest daughter who is now an LPN etc was going to come in, and take care of me for a couple of days (at least 3 or 4), but didn’t quite make it.  The first one was Postponed due to not being able to get off of work. (Hmmmm is this the beginning of the Lord’s hard work as usual?).   Now may I add here that she also has a six year old beautiful baby boy called Edward.    Yes, after Prince Edward in Disney!  hehehe  My daughter is a Disney fanatic!


My favorite picture recently taken at my granddaughter’s grammar school graduation party! Isn’t it just too wonderful. Uncle & Nephew bonding! 🙂 It just gives me a chill and warms my heart.


The day she was to come out she worked all day, and Dave decided to stay home with me so I wouldn’t be alone and he told her not to drive straight from work and not have any sleep.  He told her to get some shut eye and then drive over and insisted because she said oh I’ll crash when I get there.  Well, to shorten the story some.  When she awoke and decided to get her baby boy from the bus instead of the sitter (whom she could not get a hold of) NEVER SHOWED UP!  And if Missy did in fact drive to my house he would’ve been ALONE.  Granted he knew the alarm code on the house, but still he would’ve been home alone from the time he got off of school until Daddy got home around 8 p.m. ish that day!  Talk about chills down our backs and faith in the Lord that he sent one of his Angels to make my daughter go to bed first and wait for her son to say bye bye and only to find out NO BABYSITTER!   PRAISE GOD!  My grandson was fine and my daughter and my wonderful husband to take work off to take care of me, and my daughter & grandson.

missy & edward

On this the Lord’s Day I thank the Lord for bring such a merciful God, and protecting my family!  Amen!  Angels comes in all different shapes, and sizes and needless to say the Lord spread his arms and took us all under his power and protected us with an extra special prayer!  AMEN!   PRAISE GOD AND HIS ANGELS WHO WORK OVER-TIME!

The guardian angel that work’s over-time on our family has guided Dave this time to be God’s light!  Praise be!


angel-fairy in white_XmasDolly-GMT13


  3 Responses to “One of the Lord’s Angels is always at work!”


    Our Lord does work in mysterious ways! It’s great that everything did work out in the end. We, too, have noted many occasions that had the hand of our Lord was at work.


    I definitely believe everything happens for a reason and there was definitely a reason your hubby told your daughter to stay home! I, too, am glad everything ended up good and your grandson is safe and sound 🙂


    Oh my gosh, Marie, anything could have happened to him, and he might have been to scared to open the alarm. You just never know!! I believe in miracles like that too. I’m so glad all turned out well.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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