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First of all I would like to remind all my readers that I am a retired Paralegal/Legal Assistant, and doing this for 18 yrs. you can imagine what my office looks like.  Yes, I have file cabinets with folders, and everything has a place and everything in its place.  Rule No. 1 I take care of the family bills and organization, and if I think it’s something we discuss we discuss it, and if not I don’t bother him with it, and this has worked for 2o yrs. since we started living together, and it has worked out very nicely.  So, I have found a very reputable company called where I get my ideas for my supplies and what I need to keep our home and financial needs running smoothly.  I also use many of their products to keep Dave’s band in order in accordance to paying the band, and keeping the companies in order as far as gigs and what they pay, and taxes.

One very good item is the Avery Round-Ring Presentation View Binder (AVE17686)
You see here’s the things about these products.  ORGANIZATION!  Yes, teach organization at an early age, in school, at home, in your office.  I am personally a frugal person, but I will pay that extra buck for a product if I know it will lasts longer if I do.  If I bought something for a dollar or two and it only lasted me a few months I’d rather  pay that extra buck or two, and let it last for the entire school term for example.

Plus, when you hold a product in your hand, and it feels flimsy and thin maybe like the Sunday paper; do you really believe it’s going to last you a few months or longer?  Come on people get real.  Such office supplies like an Avery Round  Easy Peel Labels (AVE22807 to tell you this is this and that is that, and never again will you be confused.  Seriously, you really need to check out this for your business, your home, and your students. Put a buck or two into it now and later you won’t be doing it all over again in just a few weeks.


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    Just checking out, and they are filled with lots of great office supplies. Thanks for the great review, now I am off to buy a few things the boys need for college.


    These do look nice and sturdy! Maybe with some new supplies I’d be better able to keep to an organizational system.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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