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WELCOME TO BLOGHER 13′ White Cloud was one of the booths I stopped at and they even gave me a coupon for a free package. How sweet it was and the people so nice.


The next booth was a Windex Touch Clean booth and they had so many things in there even a make-up makeover. Totally cool huh?

What excitement!  What movement!  Everything everywhere!  I loved it. There were so many people everywhere, and everyone was so helpful, and so very nice & I met so many bloggers.  It seems funny to meet the person behind the words but so cool!

DSC09054 and

There was one blogger I wanted to meet so bad because she’s been like a cyber-daughter to me, and I was walking down this corridor looking for thee display booths and walking from the hotel to the BlogHer 13′ Convention I stopped to fix somethings I was carrying and she turned down the hall I was in, and she yelled MY CM (Cyber-Mommy) at least I think that’s what she yelled or was it just Marie oh who cares it was a wonderful meeting.  Kayla and I!


Together at last.

More tomorrow Part II of my experience of BlogHer 13′ my first time ever!!

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    BlogHer looked like it was a great event. I don’t think I would ever go to one, however. Just not my thing. Loved the picture of the Snickers Award. Did it all taste good?


    I don’t have much time, but I wanted my friends to know that I will not be around for a few days. Off to the hospital again due to an infection. I shall write more when I can. Thank you all for thinking of me.


    Our first meeting was nothing short of kismet I tell you! Me being chilly and going back for a jacket, just to run into you head-on (not literally of course) was meant to happen 🙂 Like you said, we couldn’t have asked for a better first meeting!

    I’m so happy that you were able to make it to your first BlogHer and that you had a fabulous time. It WAS quite an amazing time 🙂


      I am too baby girl. I’m back in Hinsdale Hospital. Some of the girls have been asking for the address may I email it to you and you can pass it around please. They don’t know what exactly it in some sort of nerve and blood infection. YUK, but I swear I think they’re all vampires here . What i wouldn’t give too see a familiar face. Tricia came today & Rocky & Tatyanna, but I as so tired they left right away. yesterday Tricia xcame with brianna and Dave came at night, but he hates hospitals so i let him so early. I too love the way we met it was fate an oh soooooooo perfect. hugs… Did you tell your mommmy how we met i bet she got a chuckle out of it. healings hugs & smooches your Cyber Mommy forever and ever, 🙂 let’s play bingo hahahahaha


    That is so sweet! Glad you both got to meet!
    And you had a fun adventure at Blogher!

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