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I have a treat for you today, and I totally love these supplies that I’m going to tell you all about, and here they are and I totally love them!  I have my reasons.  Being disabled is no fun of course, but with products like these it makes life so much easier.  I wish I had these when I was working in the office, and if there are any attorneys out there reading this you really should be nice to your secretary or receptionist and put these in your office.







And now how about a little demonstration from yours truly. Now, being as I just had my back surgery I’m getting around a little slow and awkward so I’m apologizing ahead of time, but I love these products so much, and I’m using these office supplies at this very moment.  There is nothing that I dislike about these products not one thing, and plus check this out do  you see at the top of the paper in the Document Lift.  That little clippy comes off, and you can put it wherever you like.  The good thing about that is the size of the paper!  Go ahead try it!  Small paper, where would  you put the clip?  I put it closer to the right side, and I can see it much better there.  Also, when my laptop was flat on the table it would cramp my hands sometimes because of the way I had to put them.  I decided to sit on a couple of pillows to make me higher, but then the Fellowes Laptop Riser came along, and I didn’t need one pillow, and didn’t have to cramp my hands either.  Anyway, check this out.

These Promotional Products are grade A in my book. A person in my position appreciates any ease for more comfort, and I’m sure the ladies/gentlemen in the office would also feel the same way. I hope you enjoyed my review.

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received products to form my own opinion.

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  4 Responses to “Fellowes Laptop Riser, and Document lift with dry erase surface Review”


    I would like very much to have that document stand. I have always wanted something to hold the papers up when I type it in the computer especially when I was going to college. Laptop stands are great to have, too. We have one that we got at the LA Computer Fair years ago when we got our first laptop. It certainly helps to keep the laptop cool. Great video review. Love seeing you ‘in person.’


      Thanks Danielle. These items are really helping me a lot especially when I have to keep my feet up during the day. The Neuropathy drives me nuts sometimes, but I try to ignore it. I prefer my desk, but now my computer (the tower) I think is really goin’ or has a bug. 🙁 Very uncool. Well, still have more to do. Thanks for the comments always I can count on you. I’ve got to get over to your place. I will soon promise. If there’s a certain something you need a comment on or anything like that you want me to do just say the word. I will be there.


    Both of those products look like they can definitely make anyone who works with computers or documents lives easier! I for one could definitely use that laptop riser; being stuck in bed lately, sitting up is sometimes hard to do o.O

    I agree with Danielle, you did a fabulous review my CM! Love seeing you getting stronger after your surgery 🙂


    I loved your video and this product as well – what a great idea! And the stand for keeping your document in a visually comfortable place with the slanted computer table top for keeping the laptop cool and for easy typing makes a winning duo for sure. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and doing well. Who else is sharing a great product like this with all of us? I hardly blog any more – maybe once every 2 or 3 months. It’s like I’m on skates these days pulled in every direction. Good to see you’re still at it. Much Love.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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