Oct 082013

This desk pad is something I have never seen before, but I love it on my desk and it’s so comfortable on my arms too.   These office supplies that I have shown you lately I have each one at my desk in full use, and believe me this desk pad will be too!  You see desk pads like these are infused with Microban antimicrobial protection & if I put down all these other $500 words you wouldn’t know what they meant either just like me!  I mean dang!  These words are as long as my arm, but I will say this… this desk pad is like totally awesome.  For example:

  •  It protects my desktop (durable washing surface).
  • Low-glare premier writing surface which is important for the eyes; and
  • an ultra smooth pad, and satin black surface.

These promotional products are essential in office equipment for efficiency and comfort not to mention an employee’s satisfaction at the work place is so important these days, and as far as I’m concerned it’s as important in the home.  Such office stationery that goes on this desk pad is more pronounced due to the lack of shine to bother ones eyes, and you can continue working longer.

Just like Downtown

I can really get use to this!!! Smooooooooothhhhhh!




More yummy work 008

Ahhhhhh Just like downtown! Well folks, now you have seen my work place where I talk to you from, and blog my little O’ Heart out! Unless of course it’s Monday then I boogie my heart out! hehehe Don’t be jealous you can get one too! Just check out their website! You’ll love it! Cushhhhhhhhhhhh!







Now I’ve been looking for a place to get the guys some Promotional Shirts for the band, and I’ve found out that this place has those too.  Can you believe that?  Well, I’m off to check it out so I can get some “Designated Riders” shirts for my guys.  Maybe I’ll even get our roadie one too!  Oh goodness let’s not forget their Agent/Manager!  Woo Hoo!  Have a great day… hey, why don’t you come along with me!  Just click above, and have a super classy day!


betty on books b&w MKup_GMT13


No compensation was received for this post. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  3 Responses to “Rhinolin II (Desk Pad) Review”


    wow thats really interesting. I bet a lot of office workers would love those for Christmas


    I could really use this. I have a good real wood desk that I got for an incredible low price in 99 at Sam’s Club. I will never think of geting rid of it since I can find nothing that can compare. It is a little worn on top and this cover would really help. Thanks for finding this for us.


    Whoo hoo-I bet the roadie would be excited at that prospect. LOL
    I am going to check these out.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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