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XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

So I was cleaning off my desk & putting things away.  I found a folder crunched down called, “Stuff”!  That’s where I put things that is singular & I have no where else to put it.  I was flipping through when I found a poem I had written back in 1992 &  I thought I’d share it with you.  I use to write at work on my break when a phrase would stick in my head.
Dance without Music!
Gonna dance to the tune with no music
The rhythm is between limbo and hell
Don’t know where I’ve been
The rhythm is in between my head and my cell
Fantasy within my soul
End of time. End of goal.
Gonna dance without music.
Can you see the sound that hasn’t been heard
Hear this picture without any words
How does one love that has no heart?
Get a role in life that has no part!
Floating on a sea without water.
Building a song without a tune down
Telling the virgin & her daughter
that time doesn’t tick, there is no sound!
Noise with silence.  Silence that thunders.
War isn’t violence.  Peace that wonders.
Gonna dance to the tune with no music.
Rhythm is between Limbo and Hell.
Gonna sing the song without any words
The beat is in my head & this song I can’t sell.
So, I’ll dance to this tune with no music
and I listen to the song with no words
Put me down if you must.  The song is lust.
Dancing.  Dancing. without steps.  There is no sound!   MM – 1992
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  9 Responses to “A Lost Poem for Wednesday”


    I’m completely blown away Dolly dear! You’re poem is amazing 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poetry with us today!


      Thank you. I use to write a lot when I was younger, but I don’t know when I went back to school I just got really busy with my job, but then when I met Dave I was a bit tossed, and many emotions were filling my head, and I needed to sort them out & when that happens writing helps me a lot. I even wrote a book once, but that’s another boring story. ~hehehe~


    It’s beautiful, Marie!! You’ve got writing in your bones. 🙂


    You are quite a poet Marie! I am glad you are fine again after back surgery. Thanks for hosting and have a great day.


    How excellent in verse you are, my dear! How close to heart, it draws me near.

    And I was just writing poetry with my son this last week and a half – trying to get him to be creative. Well, he did get creative by making the owl for the Halloween branch.

    Wishes for a sweet day today, may all your back troubles fly away.


    You did a nice job. I wish I could go with the flow, turning a phrase or a thought into something poetic. Any suggestions on how to make poetry work for me? Thanks for visiting!


    I love your poem, Marie! I think it would of been a great music moves me post as well!
    I play with words my self now & then. Much more as a teen, even started a book, like you, but loanded it to a friend & never saw it again. of course I had no copies…sighhhh ;p ~
    Faythe @GMT~


    That is quite the poem dear. I can see myself in it. almost.
    Thanks for sharing.

    You are quite the writer.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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