Oct 142013

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Music on World off

Welcome aboard our 162nd wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!  We are back in business cuz Mama is back in town, and ready to ROCK & ROLL!  So, I said are you ready to Rock & Roll maybe give me some boogie oogie oogie…  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!  I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?  YOU KNOW THE RULES.  FOLLOW EVERYONE, STOP AND COMMENT AND ROCK THE HOUSE!

STEPS:  You Tube,  lock & load!  Grab “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.  SIGN LINKY, Follow US, & leave a Rockin’ comment! Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin’ Bloggers & bring some back with you to join us!  As you may have noticed any link that you see with NO MUSIC you don’t  have to visit if you don’t want too. It’s for your convenience. Do I watch out for my Buds or what?  Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” now gets the PRIVILEGE of picking A “THEME” & WILL BE DONE EVERY OTHER WEEK; FREEBIES REMAIN THE SAME.

OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER IS:  #12 Ian’s Music Monday Blog
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Don’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK!  

So our theme this week is our “FREEBIE”!  Now let me see where I left off on my shelf here!  My next one is a Mariah Cary Christmas CD, but I’ll pass that on, and go straight to Meatloaf.. oh yeah, my favorite one here is “Paradise by the dashboard lights”

Oh yeah, that felt good and cool video. My next CD is Bonnie Riatt, and my favorite on this one is “Let’s give them something to talk about”! , and guess what we have another CD by Bonnie Riatt, and my favorite one on here is “Good Man, Good Woman”. IT’S TIME TO ROCK!  The next one has mine and my husband’s song on it.  It’s a Righteous Brothers CD, and I know, I know it’s kinda back there, but it’s my next CD, and it’s the first song that Dave and I ever danced to at a friend of mine bar.   Ladies & Gentlemen may I introduce “Unchained Melody”!

WELL THAT’S IT FOR TODAY!  TOO ALL MY FRIENDS OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND – WHO LUVS YA BABY!!!  NOW HOP AWAY & SEE WHAT TUNES YOU CAN FIND TO ROCK THE HOUSE! THANKS FOR ROCKIN’ OUT WITH US! I selected this post to be featured on Best Music Blogs. Please visit the site and vote for my blog.Also, don’t forget to visit Music Monday for more ROCK & ROLL FUN!

treble-clef-highway-300x300 RIDING ON DOWN TO YOUR PLACE BABY, IT’S NO TREBLE AT ALL!!!  clipmickeyminniepumpkinnew


  9 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    Loved your line up for today. Hopefully I’ll be feeling well to get around to everyone’s songs this week. Love hearing what everyone has to offer.


    Another Monday and again I’m playing along.


    Excellent choices love Bonnie Raitt and a bit of Phil Spector

    Have a tanfabulous week ahead and don’t do anything I would 😉


    Love Bonnie Raitt – great selections.
    Boy does Paradise by the Dashboad Light bring back a ton of memories. We used to belt that song out at the top of our lungs as children — long before we had any notion of the meaning. No wonder the adults used to laugh their heads off. LOL
    rockin tunes dear host!!


    These where all great songs..bluesy and rocking but I really love “Unchained Melody “by the Righteous Brothers I use to listen to my Mama’s little single record on a little white record player and me and my sister would sing..lol..Have a great week!


    I enjoyed your music Dolly!
    Thanks for rocking and keeping on.

    How are you feeling?


    Great choices. I Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a fave of mine.


    I hope you’re feeling well, Dolly! I really like that Unchained Melody tune!


    There were one or two songs that I recognized but the rest were new to me! I love listening to new music xD Thanks so much for bringing these to my attention!

    Have a musical week Dolly dearest 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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