Oct 172013

So, as I said yesterday there would be a Part II today with regards to my wonderful Sunday!

Skynyrd Steppin Wolf 025

This is Mike (lead guitar/vocal in the band) and Dave & the one who knows Don Onesti of the Arcada Theater in Geneva, IL who runs this show & who gave us the tix. 🙂 So glad he’s hubby’s BF

Skynyrd Steppin Wolf 027

This is Phil (new drummer of the Designated Riders) and he brought his very nice wife too. The whole band was invited. Woo Hoo… Thanks to Ron Onesti owner of the Acada Theater in Geneva, Illinois.

Lynyrd Skynyrd opening:

There were so many more, but I just wanted to give you a taste. We have a great time, and I hope you enjoyed our videos. Thanks for watching.

DAncing girl


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    Holy WOW! You guys WERE close ^.^

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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