Oct 232013
XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Aunt Mitzi

Update on my Aunt Mitzi. I’m afraid she still needs your prayers. She’s still in the hospital & she said she may have had a little heart attack because her pace maker may need adjusting or a new battery or whatever. I told them just FIX THE THING for pity sakes. I thought those were supposed to never need fixing! Anyway I’m going to see her tomorrow. Hopefully better news then. Thank you all for your prayers.


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  6 Responses to “Prayers for Aunt Mitzi Wednesday!”


    I’ll pray for your aunt. Happy to, and I hope she’s home and better soon.


    More prayers said for your Aunt Mitzi. Hope she gets better soon!


    Prayers are on the way 🙂


    Hope your aunt feels better soon!


    I hope your Aunt Mitzi is fixed up and ready to go home soon!!

    I was wondering if you wanted to take over my Flashback Friday for a while. I’m going to be on a partial blog hiatus.


    Lots of prayers & healing hugs for your dear aunt.
    yes, those pacemakers do need new batteries after a while. my hubby has a combo- pacemaker + defibrillator or ICD (short name) and his has been swapped out 3 times already. the defibrillator part zaps them when the heart is not working right, and he says it is NOT pleasant, likens it to being kicked in the chest by a horse but from the inside! better to be zapped then be passed away tho!!
    huggies, Faythe

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