Oct 252013

Riddle me this!There’s’ no riddle me this or that – nobody wants to play, and update on Aunt Mitzi is she had new wires put in on her pace-maker, and is doing fine so far.  Pretty cool huh!    Next month is her surprise #90th Birthday Party.  Please, please keep praying for her or maybe light a candle in church this Sunday!  Thank you one, and all.


Halloween: 1954 Me (3 yrs.), my brother (10 yrs.), and my Mom.

Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!

StacyThe Theme is Holiday Fun!

  • What is your favorite Holiday and why?
  • How will you celebrate that Holiday this year?
  • Share a favorite holiday tradition – old or new!

HAHAHAHA  What is my favorite Holiday and why? HAHAHA  HELLO?  The name of my blog is XmasDolly.  You see I’m in cognito!  I’m really a Christmas Elf.  I would say Mrs. Claus, but that title has been taken, and besides I like being Mrs. Moody.  I love decorating for every holiday especially Christmas.  The presents are always fun to shop for especially when I find that special gift.  How will I be celebrating the Holiday this year?  Well, this year is going to be kinda messed up.  Thanksgiving is going to be at my daughter’s house (it’s usually mine), and my youngest daughter who lives in Missouri is coming in then so we’re going to celebrate Thanksmas all together, but my youngest son will be working in North Carolina this year and will miss both holidays.  🙁  Holiday tradition.  Hmmmmm  Oh I know, when my Mom was alive we use to have a competition who was going to make her cry with a gift, but she cried over every one (happy tears).  Now that she’s gone she keeps trying to make me cry.  Sorry! hahaha  Not yet, but I almost got her close one time. hehehehe  That’s Happy tears I’m talkin’ about.  I know it’s silly, but we laugh about it.

Don’t forget “Monday’s Music Moves Me” & “Show Off Tuesday” next week!  See ya then!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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    My fave holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. I cannot point to which one is my absolute favorite. These days all have their special meaning.


    I’m glad to hear Aunt Mitzi is hanging in there! Of course she’s in my thoughts and I’m excited for her surprise 90th birthday party (even though I probably won’t get to participate in the festivities) 😀

    My favorite holiday is, of course, Halloween! Speaking of which, I can’t believe it’s almost here already. Crazy how time is flying right on by!


    Thank you very much!


    Glad she is doing better!


    Glad she is doing well. I’ll keep her in prayers and hope she will rock on her birthday party.
    Now no shouting surprising and jumping out of dark places for her to get heart failure okay 🙂


    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I normally have Thanksgiving with my husband’s family or just my immediate family. I normally travel home to my mother’s during the summer because I can stay longer in the summer. I like Thanksgiving because it’s all about spending time and eating good food. I don’t have to worry about gifts or anything. Plus, the house smells so good with the scent of pies and turkey and dressing…. Love your Christmas header! Very Christmasy!

    Make It Or Fix It Yourself!


    It is wonderful that Aunt Mitzi is doing fine and will celebrate her 90th birthday next month. Christmas is also my favourite holiday. I like the decorations, carols, gifts, family togetherness etc. I will spend it quietly with my family this year. I look forward to preparing another memory table for my departed loved ones – pictures of them, decorations, red candles etc. Have a great week Marie.

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