Oct 302013
XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Update on my Aunt Mitzi. She had her wires changed on her pace maker, and she’s doing great now.  I’m going to go see her tomorrow at Manor Care, and I can’t wait to see her.  I’m picking up pictures from my cousin to make a Poster board of pics for her Surprise 90th Birthday Party next month.  WOO HOO!
Soupy and stuff 017Soupy and stuff 007So did somebody say “SOUP’S ON”!
Sorry everyone we’re going to have to put this on hold because for some reasons I cannot Post pictures.  Little time and I shall Post it.  So sorry!  
Soupy and stuff 017
Soupy and stuff 017
Grammy Mouse Tails  Wordless Wednesday

  She ALWAYS has such cool stuff!

Stacy Uncorked with linky CUZ SHE’S MY BUD!
Soupy and stuff 017


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  4 Responses to “Gramma’s homemade Soup is calling me Receipe!”


    That’s strange. I got all the pictures in the email. I’m on my Kindle right now so I’ll be back in a little while to link up. I got a migraine yesterday and that really ruined my day.


    OK, here I be all linked up. Like I said, the pics are all in the email. Wonder why they are not showing up here. To prove it – your Aunt Mitzi uses turnips in her soup. I have never had a turnip in my life, and the first I ever heard of them was in an episode of Gumby! 😀


    that soup looks yummy! the weather has been soup time too. Have a nice not naughty Halloween!
    Faythe @GMT~


    Just stopped in to say hello and visit a few of the hop links.

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