Nov 022013


About COFFEE-MATE Girl Scout Flavors

My daughter and I at BlogHer 13 at the Coffeemate booth trying the Chocolate/Mint flavor.  Just look at those smiles!  Here’s a little info for you.

NESTLÉ COFFEE-MATE® was the first non-dairy creamer to transform an ordinary cup of coffee into a rich, creamy everyday delight.  COFFEE-MATE was introduced as the world’s first powdered creamer in 1961, and soon established its position as America’s most popular choice.  Now two of the most popular Girl Scout Cookie™ flavor profiles are the latest additions to the growing COFFEE-MATE line.  The new COFFEE-MATE Thin Mints® and Caramel & Coconut flavors (SRP $2.69/16oz bottle) can be found in the dairy aisle of your local grocer nationwide and for a limited time. 

Having my coffee of the day.  I always love to try something new, and not the same old humdrum thing, and now coffeemate has come out with Girl Scout Cookie flavors, and Carmel Coconut is my favorite & the other favorite is Chocolate mint.  mmmmm  Can’t you just smell the aroma.   For just a fraction of the cost of a coffeehouse drink, there are over 25 ways to add your flavor.  Take your time exploring all the different flavors Coffee-mate has to offer.   For more information please visit and

Bee GEfleurish

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    Just thinking about it, I can almost smell that chocolate mint flavor right now! Mm…it sounds so good!


    That’s my favorite too & boy is it good!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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