Nov 042013

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Music on World off

Welcome aboard our 165th wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me”!  We are back in business cuz Mama is back in town, and ready to ROCK & ROLL!  So, I said are you ready to Rock & Roll maybe give me some boogie oogie oogie…  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!  I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?  YOU KNOW THE RULES.  FOLLOW EVERYONE, STOP AND COMMENT AND ROCK THE HOUSE!

STEPS:  You Tube,  lock & load!  Grab “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button.  SIGN LINKY, Follow US, & leave a Rockin’ comment! Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin’ Bloggers & bring some back with you to join us!  As you may have noticed any link that you see with NO MUSIC you don’t  have to visit if you don’t want too. It’s for your convenience. Do I watch out for my Buds or what?  Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” now gets the PRIVILEGE of picking A “THEME” & WILL BE DONE EVERY OTHER WEEK; FREEBIES REMAIN THE SAME.

#15 Chronicles from the Man cave
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Don’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK!  

This week theme is Songs with Colours in the title.

So songs with color in the title! Hmmm Oh wait… I just love this fun song “Red Solo Cup”
Okay, what else can I find for you… Oh yes more party songs. How about a little “Red Wine”
How about a little “Black or White”!

“Baby Blue” by Bad Finger –
And let’s end it with The Beatles in “Yellow Submarine”,

WELL THAT’S IT FOR TODAY!  TOO ALL MY FRIENDS OUT THERE IN BLOGLAND – WHO LUVS YA BABY!!!  NOW HOP AWAY & SEE WHAT TUNES YOU CAN FIND TO ROCK THE HOUSE! THANKS FOR ROCKIN’ OUT WITH US! I selected this post to be featured on Best Music Blogs. Please visit the site and vote for my blog.Also, don’t forget to visit Music Monday for more ROCK & ROLL FUN!

treble-clef-highway-300x300 RIDING ON DOWN TO YOUR PLACE BABY, IT’S NO TREBLE AT ALL! 


  12 Responses to “Thankful for Monday’s Music Moves Me”


    Oh gosh, now I am going to have Yellow Submarine running through my head all day long. Have a great one!


    Thank you so much for putting not one but TWO incredibly addicting songs into your line up for this week! Now I’ve got Red Solo Cup on my head and it’ll probably be there for the next couple of hours. LOL

    Love your choices and this week’s theme was quite fun! Have a musical week 🙂


    Fab choices Marie including some classics, you got me gyrating around the room and twerking 🙂

    Have a colourtastic week and don’t do anything I would.


    Great fun choices for this week’s color theme line up! Red Solo Cup is gonna be stuck in my head today now. lol Have a colorful week, my friend!


    Love Love Love Red, Red Wine. You can stand still to that song?! No One!
    Yellow Submarine is of course classic, but really enjoyed watching Breaking Bad finale, and I was wondering what that song was ever since I saw the finale – so Thank You for solving that mystery. Great tunes to dance and work of all that extra candy I got laying around!! 🙂


    Great choices for this weeks theme. All vibrant colors and good songs. Have a great Monday!


    Red Solo Cup just cracks me up! Maybe need to pour some of that Red Wine in there. *chuckles*
    Rock on Sis!


    I love and knew all your picks today, my friend!!!

    Happy Monday.


    Nice, colorful assortment of songs – esp. enjoyed Red Solo Cup, Baby Blue and Yellow Submarine!


    I love Red Wine and Yellow Submarine.
    My thought was Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues.
    Have a great week.


    You have some really cool videos here Dolly.
    Rock on.
    I’ve been sick with the flu, but I’m feeling much better now and here to visit from the music hop.

    Hope your weekend is going great.

    Aloha 🙂


    dang can’t believe i missed this theme oh well no use crying over spilled milk on to next week which is a freebie right ok grabbing my ticket and hoping the train.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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