Nov 062013
XmasDolly's Wordless Wednesday!

Hello Mr. Sunshine!

Now I didn’t really follow the recipe only the instructions, but I had to share this with you because it’s delicious.  Easy directions, and it’s made extremely similar to cheesecake, and with the same consistency.  mmmmm

WAH LAH! A scoop of whip cream maybe some orange sprinkles hmmm… well….. I’M OFF TO THE STORE! ~hehehehe~

Grammy Mouse Tails  Wordless Wednesday

  She ALWAYS has such cool stuff!

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  6 Responses to “Krusteaz Pumpkin Pie Bars — Yummy!”


    Oh Yum! Now I am hungry for pumpkin bars. I have to hunt down my recipe. I usually top it with cream cheese frosting :)!
    hugs, Faythe


    These sure sound good! I went down to Walgreen’s this morning to pick up more canned pumpkin since they had the little cans on sale for $.99. I had enough coupons for 8 cans, but they had a limit of 3! Most likely someone else will have them on sale and I can use the rest of my coupons. Let’s see, we now have 5 big cans and 3 small cans. We are a pumpkin pie lovin’ house!


    Yummo! I am going to have to try those. Perhaps with whipped cream on top?


    Mmm, a taste of autumn! I have a cranberry pumpkin bread in the freezer from last fall that I need to get out, but I must resist! It’s easy to put those calories away, but not so easy getting them off. Happy WW!

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