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New Comfort Wrap, Foot Warmers, and Relaxation Mask Feature Moist Heat ThermaTherapy®

Carex Health Brands, a leading provider of in-home health products, is adding a new Bed Buddy® At Home lineup to its #1 selling Bed Buddy® brand, just in time for the holidays.

I have Foot Warmers, a Comfort Wrap, and a Relaxation Mask, and each is filled with 100% natural grains, and they can provide hot or cold therapy fragranced with natural herbs, and infused with the aromatherapy of Lavender, Lavender Rose, and Lavender Mint to soothe your senses.  Hmmmm Okay I need to try these I says to myself, and I did.

Toasty toes, and soothing aroma!  I hate to be cold, and simply love the heat, and my extremities are always colder than cold.  I mean to the extent that I wear heavy footy socks and sometimes gloves when I’m sitting here at my puter.  Pretty sad,  huh?

The line’s items include a Comfort Wrap, Foot Warmers and a Relaxation Mask, each filled with 100% natural grains, providing hot and cold therapy, fragranced with natural herbs, and infused with the aromatherapy of Lavender, Lavender Rose and Lavender Mint to soothe your senses. All three products feature the company’s proprietary, doctor-recommended Moist Heat ThermaTherapy® to relax sore joints and restore tired muscles. Moist Heat ThermaTherapy® is shown to be better for treating muscle pain, chronic aches and pains, and arthritis than “dry heat” because it allows quicker, deeper heat penetration into the joints.





Bed Buddy hot & cold products are a convenient, flexible solution to help manage pain and maintain an active lifestyle. Bed Buddy products offer doctor-recommended moist heat therapy, cold therapy and are a natural alternative or complement to over-the-counter drug treatments.    Okay, that’s all fine and good, but does it work?  I have Spinal Stenosis, and the heat is what helps me tremendously to get rid of the immediate pain.   All I do it throw this baby into the microwave, and

The Comfort Wrap features a flexible, form-fitting design that easily molds to the body to target a wide array of chronic pain areas such as the neck, shoulders and back, for example. The Foot Warmers as I said my tootsies are always cold and these provide natural, cozy warmth, and last, but not least the Relaxation Mask provides relief from sinus, tension and migraine headache pain, in addition to offering calming relaxation. It should be used cold to treat tired, puffy eyes and warm for headaches and tension.  My daughter is a RNA & she works nights.  She comes home feeds her little boy breakfast, and off to school.  Then it’s her sleep time, and this mask is just what the doctor ordered for her.

Now remember when I said my tootsies get ice cold… check these out!

The Bed Buddy® At Home items can be warmed in the microwave to provide alleviating moist heat or chilled to be a cooling compress.  These are reusable, easy and safe to use as directed, and a natural alternative or compliment to over-the-counter drug treatments. The lineup will be available at Rite Aid as well as other retailers across the country this November for $12.99 for the Comfort Wrap, $16.99 for the Foot Warmers and $9.99 for the Relaxation Mask.  Now is that too much to pay for comfort.

So, what’s that?  You want some for your very own?  You want them to give as a Christmas present?  Well, okay then no need to shout!  They’d make a fantastic Christmas present, and our sponsor said let’s do a give-away!  Enter the rafflecopter below!


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    awesome product


    I’m thinking this would be good for my mom. Thanks for hosting.


      I bet it would. Just toss in the microwave to heat them up and there’s slippers, something for the neck, and the eyes. Is that cool or what.. or hot… or warm… oh heck you know what I mean! LOL GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!


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    I gave you klout on blogging today


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