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We all have recipes from our family archives that we’ve collected over the years, and maybe some we have swapped from friends, magazines, cookbooks, & neighbors!


Okay, how many of you didn’t really have time to cook, but hubby and the kids wanted spaghetti, and no time to cook it? I know it happened to me many times, so I’m sure we’ve all tried our hand in frying pan sauce! Right? So, here’s my recipe for today & if you have your own recipe for this I sure would like to know it. What I do is fry my hamburger with all my spices naturally, which are:

Garlic, seasoned salt & pepper, oregano, little bit of accent, and onion powder. Mix meat & fry it up.  Mix in some whole chopped fresh garlic.  Once that’s done I add (okay shhhh don’t tell my Gramma) one jar of Prago with veggies then one can of stewed tomato, one can of tomato paste, and 3pkgs. of Splenda, Mix. I get half a can of water and swish in every can & jar and put it in, and simmer. I also add one bay leaf to my sauce & let it simmer for an hour. Cook the spaghetti. Wah Lah! I’m done. A little grated cheese, a glass of wine & POOF – DINNER’S READY!

                            Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!

Dad & Jr

My Dad & Brother 1949 who are together in heaven with my Mom.

  • A favorite Bible verse.  **I guess that would have to be…  “The Lord is my Shepard…”
  • A quote from one of your favorite authors.  **My favorite author… I would have two I love the stories by Hans Christen Anderson and also Stephen Kings “The Dark Tower” series.
  • A new quote you found that really speaks to your heart at the moment!  **I’m not much good at quotes and I haven’t read any new ones lately.


Don’t forget “Monday’s Music Moves Me” & “Show Off Tuesday” next week!  See ya then!

Have a great weekend everyone!

  6 Responses to “Something quick for Supper, Flashback, and Friendly!”


    Happy Friendship Friday Marie! Thanks for sharing Psalm 23 with us – that is one of my favorites too!


    You need to add some wine to that sauce, too. That’s what I do. Have a good day.


    Thank you very much, delicious recipe!


    Fast is sometimes very good! 🙂


    Did you say something about wine? lol


    Thanks a lot! 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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