Nov 172013

I love office products, which I’m sure you all know by now.  Being a retired Legal Assistant/Paralegal I brought a few habits from my career home.  I love my desk, and with products from I have everything that has a place in its place.  I do all the paperwork/paying of the bills, income taxes, letter writing, cards etc. for our little family/home and enjoy doing it sometimes.

Well, my sponsor here has sent me over some Promotional Products and they are always very helpful, and I wanted to share them with you all.

So let me show you how I do some of my things.  I have 2 two drawer file cabinets and with the one drawer in my desk I have plenty of room.  I also definitely need File Folders and especially the Hanging File Folders for my file cabinet to separate everything, and labeled correctly so I can find everything that I need.  Let me show you what I mean.

So see what I mean? I am in dire need of a make-over here & I can’t wait to dive into it, and straighten this mess up! Woo Hoo!

Also, I now have something to sort things out when I go gig hunting for the band, and I don’t have to have papers everywhere, and talk about looking unprofessional. Remember when I told you about everything in it’s place? Check this beauty out.  A Expanding Pocket!  It even has one of those “Easy Grip” Pockets.  It is so much easier to pick up out the drawer or from wherever really.  My folders fit right in there as well as a hanging file if I want.  Talk about keeping me organized, and oh by the way for all my UK friends they have a Shoplet UK also where you can shop too!

Now as you can see it’s a tad darker at the top there right? Those are called “Easy Grip Pockets”, so you can pick them up easily. For example, your hands are dry you go to pull it out of the drawer, and it slides away from you. It’s called SmeadGrip (non-slip grip).

You see, especially when you’re the one doing the bills, taking care of all the paperwork in the house you really need if only a tiny little office, but me I like to spread out!

And that’s only the top half of my desk. It takes up 3/4ths of the wall.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed my review in how I do things in our home.  I like comfort, and a easy way of doing things, and I hate looking for stuff because it’s cluttered.  Hmmm Looks like my desk needs some clearing off. LOL Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by.  Now if you would like to leave a comment below, and tell me how you do things at home that would be great or if you enjoy these types of products to use too that would be wonderful!  HUGS TO ALL!

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  2 Responses to “ does it again! Office products galore!”


    Great Review! Hopefully I’ll be well enough to get my review up. I had the worst headache this week. Just like the Energizer Bunny – It just keeps going and going and going…..


    My desk is in dire need! I hate having things unorganized…this living with Mr. Stacker! Drives me nuts.
    I am sure it comes from being an educator for years and needing to know where my stuff is.
    Great review.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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