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We all have recipes from our family archives that we’ve collected over the years, and maybe some we have swapped from friends, magazines, cookbooks, & neighbors!  Link up if you would like to share any of your recipes for the holidays!  Thanks.


Okay, I don’t have a name for it and I don’t have a picture of it, but I wanted to share a cranberry recipe that I got from a girlfriend of mine.  It’s delicious:

1 bag cranberries

1 cup sugar
2 boxes of apricot jello
2 boxes of raspberry jello
2 bags frozen raspberries
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup chopped up dried apricots
Boil cranberries according to directions on the bag
Add an extra cup of water
When the cranberries are close to being done add the 4 boxes of jello and stir
Add frozen raspberries and stir
Remove from heat
Once that cools a bit add walnuts and apricots
Note: I have found that it is better to let the mix get close to room temp before you
add the dried apricots and walnuts otherwise they absorb all the liquid.

*It’s really very good!  It’s more like dessert.   ENJOY!

Aunt Mitz

At Mizi at 22 yrs. of age. Such a cutie! 1945

                            Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that. Have fun!  Happy “90th” Birthday Aunt Mitzi.  Love you!


Aunt Mitzi’s Surprise “90th” Birthday Party this past Sunday! That’s me and my God-Mommy! Love her to pieces! She was so happy!

  • What was your favorite Thanksgiving moment this year?  **See below
  • Are you decorating your home for the holidays this weekend? **See below… and boy am I tired, and it’s only half done.  I usually go all out, but I might not have the strength to do it this year or many more years, and I’m so sad about that.  I love to do it myself… no one does it like you… you know, that kind of think.  One year my daughter & granddaughter put my Christmas Village up because my back was hurting so bad, and when they left I had to take it all down because it just wasn’t right… you know what I mean?  Sure ya do!
  • Do you plan on doing any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping?  Decorate the house.  Can somebody tell me why they call it Black Friday?  It sounds so morbid.  I hate it.

Well, it looks like a ghost town today.  No one is around.  Well, I won’t be either shortly I’m off to go decorate the house, but I wanted to share our Thanksgiving photo with you.  We had a dinner for two, a spiral delicious ham, with sweet potatoes and cranberries etc. oh & mustn’t forget a glass of wine.  Tomorrow my daughter and clan comes for turkey, but what a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner my husband and I had together.  Very precious quality time!

Don’t forget “Monday’s Music Moves Me” & “Show Off Tuesday” next week!  See ya then!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  6 Responses to “Something quick for Supper, Flashback, and Friendly!”


    Yes, indeed, very beautiful Aunt Mitzi in this excellent portrait of 1945!


    It was just me and my hubby too for Thanksgiving. Aunt Mitzi so cute!


    Love the photos! I think I have that same blue and white dish set.

    I’ve always wondered why it was called Black Friday too… How evil sounding!


    I love cranberry made fresh! And your table setting is awesome, my MIL has a setting so similar to yours that I bet it’s the same, and it’s her absolute fave!


      Those dishes were my MIL’s and my SIL gave me half of the set and she kept the other half, but I have a setting for 8 so you can imagine how many she had. I have a dish set ivory with flowers or leaves hahaha I don’t remember and had them for years those were my mom’s so I switch in the spring, but I also have a dish set for Christmas AND I CAN’T FIND THEM AND IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS! 🙁 Rosy you got my Christmas dishes???? HEHEHEHEHE

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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