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So let me give you another idea that I did.  As I said the wreath garland that went around my railing the lights are dead so instead of trying to figure it out, and going one by one by one or buying another set I used RTGS led lights and WAH LA!!!  AND would you believe a festive cane to light up my pathway!  I went out with it today and now everyone wants one!


So how would you like to have a set of your own!  You would!  Well how would you like to have two sets of your own, and you can pick the colors and whether you would like battery or electric or one each.  I even took the red lights, and stuck then in my sweater here and there, and put the little box with the batteries in my jeans pocket.  Is that cool or what.  I’m going to wear it for Thankmas that we are celebrating this Sunday with my husband’s side of the family!  Is that going to look cool or what!    ENTER BELOW if you would like to try it yourself.  GOOD LUCK!


Do you want to see more lights? oooooooooooo Click on the green lights for more oooooo & ahhhhhhs!

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  12 Responses to “RTGS Products. 100 Led Lights Review/Give-Away 12.15”


    I would use it to light up our old wreath…give it some new life. Your lights look pretty in your video.


    My boys are afraid of the dark and think they have to sleep with a light on at night. I would like to put these in their rooms to create a night light/ starry effect.


    Good idea!
    🙂 Danica


    I would put them in a vase in my bedroom.


    I think I would take them and put them in pretty fabric above my bed for a little bit of romance in my room. 🙂


    I have a pretty vase and I would put them in it and then put it on my fireplace for display, would lighten up a dark spot


    These ideas are great ladies – keep em’ coming!!!


    I would use them as nightlights down the chair rail in the hall between my boys’ bedroom and the bathroom


    I would use these for an electricity experiment at school.


    I would find two interesting containers and turn these into night lights for my kids’ rooms


    I would love to put these on our bench outside

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