Dec 052013

Costume Discounters does it again!  Just look at the new stuff they have added!  Mary looks so angelic.  What a great costume to have for the school play that you won’t have to make at midnight to get it ready ~hahahah!  It’s wonderful.  Ahhhh Where were these when my kids were little, but I have grandkids so all my buddies out there listen up and you can be the wonder Mama or Nana that you are and say look what I have for you and your son or daughter won’t have to worry and that grandchild will be the best Mary ever was!  Check this out!  Costume Centers newest costumes.

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 Featured Christmas Costumes

Santa Suits
Girls Christmas
Boys Christmas

And they have great Santa suits for Grandpa or Daddy and your grandsons or sons can be elves!  What a great Christmas this one will be.  I love Christmas time.

Now I  have to tell you my daughter was the original Dorothy of all time.  In fact, she got the Dorothy doll if she learned her alphabet by heart and how to print them, and she did and eventually she get everyone as other things came along in school.  She was one smart little cookie I’ll tell ya!  Especially when she wants something bad enough!

Dorothy cute lil’ dress, and we even had a basket and Toto!

As you can see it’s still going on, but her little Minnie me wants to be Dorothy, so we got her this costume, but we’ll have to wait until next year because the party was cancelled. (Bummer)!   And I didn’t get a picture yet of her.  I did get it at costume discounters.   They have so many there you really need to go and browse.


Now isn’t this just too too great!

So, when  you run over to Costume Super Center or the costume discounters don’t forget to stop by the classic tale and check it out too!  Just wonderful information.  It may take a while so grab a cup of hot cocoa and put your feet up!  You may want to read it over and over!   Have a great day everyone!


Santa & sled

  6 Responses to “Costume Discounters does it again.. Storybook costumes!”


    I love these wonderful Christmas costumes!


    I love the girl’s Mary costume. It would be great for Halloween or to dress up on All Saint’s Day, too!


    This store rocks! You did a great review and it seems the stuff they have added is really cool.


    Thank you ladies, and it seems I was write because I told a few ladies that walk by my house about the Mary costume because they’re talking about having to go home & make them. So I gave them my link. lol Why didn’t they have this stuff when my kids were little! I’m always a day late & a dollar short.


    (Costume Discounters does it again.. Storybook costumes!) I think next year for Christmas I am going to get my husband to dress up as Santa for our first born grandchild. it will be so much fun to see the look on his face when Santa show’s up.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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