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Whoa!  HELLO…. ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!   So sorry I am so late, but I wanted to quickly get something in here  because I wouldn’t want any of my readers disappointed.  Yes, I have decided to put some of my recipes on Fridays for a while, and if you would like to join me feel free.  A meal, dessert, appetizer, something cool for the holidays like a fancy drink feel free!  Here’s mine for today!


Today I would like to share my “Spinach Salad”, with you. You’re going to love it. Actually it’s another recipe from my Mother-in-Law… my BFF and I miss her lots!!! Bless you Harriet. Today was the day she passed away in 2006. I love you so much! Please never leave us for you’re always in our hearts.

Harriette’s Spinach Salad:  1 bag of Spinach, 6 slices of bacon, 3 eggs (hard boiled), 1 can of sliced water chestnuts, 1 cup of salad oil, 1 1/2  tbls. of Worchester sauce, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of ketchup 1/2 cup of onions, 1/2 cup of yellow cider vinegar.  AND  you mix it all together!  bwahahahahaha  She was a jokester…


Spinach Salad

Okay, wash that spinach and then put it in a nice big bowl, you may put the irons in, crumble your bacon and spread all over, open your water chestnuts, drain and spread those all over, and then take a small bowl and pour in your sugar, salad oil, ketchup, Worchester sauce, your yellow cider vinegar and mix.  That will be your dressing, and then put it on your spinach round and around, and TOSS!  Oh, it’s soooooooooo very good.  You’re going to love this.  Sometimes I add tomatoes too and maybe some chopped green onions, and croutons!  WAH LAH!  Bona Petite my friends!

We all have recipes from our family archives that we’ve collected over the years, and maybe some we have swapped from friends, magazines, cookbooks, & neighbors!  Link up if you would like to share any of your recipes for the holidays!  Thanks.

Because I’m so late I’ll forgo the linky for this week!  Sorry my friends, but if you have a recipe you’d like me to see just leave a link in a comment I’ll be right over!  HUGS!
                             Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that.

Have fun! 

Harriette Hutchins Moody 9.17.? to 12.06.2006 Rest in Peace my dearest best friend forever and mother-in-law! I truly miss her with all my heart! What a wonderful happy, smart, fun, person she was. 1994

She drew this picture which is what she saw in her sitting room & it sits in our dining room now.



This was the last Christmas present she gave me. It was a small picture of her she took of her in Hawaii, and so she had gone to my youngest daughter’s wedding in Parliament, Illinois where we rented a hotel rooms and stayed over night and she brought her vacation pictures so here we are in our jamas looking at pics they were marvelous, but then I saw this one, and I told her this is what I want for Christmas and 8X10 of this one of you. It captured her inner beauty of just being an Angel of the Lord. You see Mum was also a Reader at her church. She was a Christian Scientist. She knew her bible like she new the Lord’s Prayer. Her famous saying was “Got doesn’t make no junk”! So straighten up! lol Gotta love her!

White or bright lights – elegant or snazzy – what’s your favorite way to decorate your Christmas tree?

*Are you kiddin’?

Does this answer your question! hahahahaha LOVE CHRISTMAS * LOVE TO DECORATE. Although this one was last years – this years no pics as of yet!

Don’t forget “Monday’s Music Moves Me” & “Show Off Tuesday” next week!  See ya then!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  4 Responses to “Something quick for supper, Flashback, Friendly Friday!”


    That dressing is somewhat reminiscent of a French dressing, n’est-ce pas? Sounds good. I’ll have to give it a try the next time we are in the mood for a salad.


    The recipe sounds great! That is a good pic of your MIL, she sounds like she was a gem! Your tree last year was pretty. 🙂


      Wow, I guess everyone is super busy. Only two comments since Friday. Not much of a following and as many years as I have been doing this… oh well, stop whining dolly LOL! HEY ROSEY I CAN ALWAYS COUNT YOU AND MY BUD DANIELLE… well maybe it’s the holiday season everyone is entering give-aways or out shopping. You really need to try that salad cuz once you do you’ll be making it all the time like me hehehehe Rosey I cannot begin to tell you, and thank you so much for taking notice of my MIL Harriette, and yes she was the shiniest gem in the world all the way around, and I was extremely fortunate and honored that I was her friend too and she loved me. Rosey I’m going to post this year’s tree just for you. Thank you my friend! hugs

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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