Dec 122013

I am sorry for my disappearing act for yesterday, but you would not believe the bad day I had.

1.  Appointment with back doctor.  I had to wait to see him because my GP had not sent a referral form which you must have for every appointment now it seems.  So we waited for it to be faxed over, but in the mean time I went across the hall because I had another appointment with a neurologist & I was supposed to have an EMG.

2.  No referral had reached there either.  May I add that I ordered these a month ago, and then also yesterday I checked on them by phone, and explained everything I needed, and she had it all down, but last night around 7:00 p.m. I got an e-mail asking me for the same information I had given her earlier so I gave it to her in A – B – C order, and well as you see above it still was not done.

3.  Finally, I got in to see my back doctor an hour late, but he took me and I was able to get my medication refilled.  I was working on no medication that morning, and in an extreme amount of pain.  My husband took me to these appointments (thank the Lord), and he helped my nerves as much as he could.  I never got to see my Neurologist or get the test taken, but made an appointment for next week (by the way I have that referral already).

4.  I had another appointment with a Ortho for my hips, which I have bursitis, and was going to get checked (bringing a copy of the MRI for I never met this doctor THAT I NEVER GOT TO MEET).  They tried to call me on my cell phone, but my cell phone was dead again because my new cell phone by the way only a month and 1/2 old and the battery keeps draining.  I got to the doctor’s office, and they said the GP office left a message that I could not go to the Ortho doctor because he did not do surgery under the Adventist whatever… and they would refer me to a doctor that does.

5.  Leaving there furious I went straight home to call the doctor’s office got things straightened out there, and got back in the car and went to T-Mobile.  Got my phone straightened out there seem the girl who sold me the phone hadn’t a clue of what she was doing, and had all sorts of apps turned on, and didn’t give me something else I should of had…. oh it was a mess, and my car charger was broke that’s why it wasn’t charging.

6.  Okay done there, and on my way to Walmart to get my prescriptions, and some groceries.  Checking out I handed the girl a coupon for a free box of Gortons Fish.  $10.98 was the cost.  She set it down on her register, and I explained why I gave her the coupon and the fish together so she could write down the price (the nice person that I am), and naturally because my day was already going bad she forgot to subtract this because I looked at my receipt when I got home.  Something just told me to look.  I went back and got my coupon, and had it added back on to my account.

7.  Now I’m to tired to make supper so the good wife that I am I stopped at Rosati’s for a small pizza for the hubby (the original pizza man).  Also, hubby wants his own blog so he wanted me to do that for him (ohhhhhh my aching head).  I forgot most things to put it together so it’s taking me a while.  So I’m so sorry I did not visit anyone today, but I shall be around just a little time please.  Thanks for your understand.  HUGS TO ALL!

SANTA & MESign Xmasdolly

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    Sorry to hear that you are still having troubles. we seem to mirror each other! Al & I will be glad when 2013 is over & praying for a better new year (for you as well!)
    hugs, Faythe

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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