Dec 272013

HELLO…. ANYBODY OUT THERE!!!   I wanted to quickly get something in here  because I wouldn’t want any of my readers disappointed.  Yes, I have decided to put some of my recipes on Fridays for a while, and if you would like to join me feel free.  A meal, dessert, appetizer, something cool for the holidays like a fancy drink feel free!  Here’s mine for today!  My video of how I make the best “Split Pea Soup”, in town!





Link up an old picture and/or an old post! No rules, other than that.  Have fun!   My friend who normally does this is taking a hiatus so if you would like to hook up with me feel free.  I have a linky for your recipes or old memories so hop along with me.   The picture below was probably taken about 1984.  The little boy on the left is my cousin’s little boy, and then there’s my baby girl at age four, and my youngest son at age five!  Too cute, huh?img364


What were your favorite blog posts of 2013? **  To tell you the truth I didn’t have a very favorite one… never really thought about it.  I love them all.

Have you written a wrap-up post? ** Nope, never thought to do that either.  Hmmmm I don’t think about a lot of things do I.  I guess I just do them as they come along.  Care free and happy go lucky…  HA… I wish.

Are you making any resolutions for the New Year or planning any changes, big or small? ** LOL Resolutions? bwahahahahahaha  I want to know who keeps those resolutions all year long.  Every year I say I’m going to lose weight.  I lose some… I gain some…. I lose some…. I gain some…  I do have one though and that’s to get healthier that’s for sure.  Come hell or high water I shall get things fixed and be in less pain.

Are you picking one word to keep you focused in the New Year?  **JESUS.  Help me focus on a healthier and better me.


  • Don’t forget “Monday’s Merry Music Moves Me” & “Show Off Tuesday” next week!  See ya then!

Have a great weekend everyone!mz-Splash-HNY

  2 Responses to “Something quick for supper, Flashback and Friendly Like!”


    Awesome video, my friend!!! Love it when you vlog.


    That rich food!

    Searching for beauty and find hope
      Happy New Year 2014! Hugs from Spain. Leovi.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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