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Microfiber Gloves:  These gloves are warm, and you can dial your phone or push what you need too on your cell phone without taking your gloves off.   They are safe to use on any electronic touchscreen, and it even works on my Kindle.  Soft microfiber material gently cleans touchscreens without scratching them at all.  There are specially designed fibers in fingertips allowing you to touchscreen and activate it in cold weather without removing my nice warm gloves, and you can use any finger you like.  The microfiber is in all the fingers.   These gloves are washable and reusable, and lint & static free.  They work with my cell phone, lap top, and my kindle that I have tried personally, but it all states that it is convenient for portable phones, computer tablets, music, reading and texting devices, and they are made from Polyester Yarn.  (As you see below).

Maybe you cannot see this all to well because it is a black Microfiber Glove that I am wearing. That can work my phone outside in the cold where I won’t have to take my gloves off to hit the buttons.

 Rolling Wrist Rest:  I am a retired paralegal, and I’ve been working at the computer a lot of years.  After my accident and I was not able to go back to work I started doing transcribing at home, and that sometimes took many hours sitting and working the mouse. My wrist and  fingers would really ache that I decided to do exercises every day, and at times I even wore a wrist band being afraid of getting carpal tunnel.  Now with blogging I’m still at my desk all day and using the mouse much more, and ever since I started using the Rolling Wrist Rest this is so cool it just slides around with me wherever I go. and it keeps my hand and wrist at the same level which means my wrist is not cramped or anything else, but comforted.  The Rolling Wrist Rest helps so much I don’t feel that cramping in my fingers any more either.  Sometimes I would wake up in the morning, and roll my wrist and wiggle my fingers because they would be so stiff, and the last week I never even thought of doing it.  This device is fabulous.  You really have to try it.  It just glides along with you, and there’s absolutely no slack.  It’s like under your wrist grew wheels.  ~snicker~


Furniture Touch-Up Kit:   This little repairs kit easily restored an old wooden coffee table I had in the basement that my father-in-law made years ago.   This touch up kit said it was for use on furniture, floors, cabinets, paneling, woodwork, doors and more.  So I checked around the house to see what I could use on this first, and sure enough our coffee table.  It’s not an exact match, but close enough.  I used the filler stick to try and repair a deep scratch it had, and it worked pretty good.  I then applied the marker to stain, finish and seal the scratch, and it looked pretty good.  Five wood grain markers and three filler sticks per kit. Application: Cabinets Doors Floors Furniture Paneling Woodwork.  Going to have to go through my house to see what else I can fix.  Not a bad idea huh?

These kind of promotional products are just a wonder to me because it’s always something cool I’ve wanted to try, and didn’t want to spend the money.  LOL  I know I’m a dollar foolish, but a penny wise!  I think that’s the way they say it, isn’t it? 🙂  Now don’t forget also has other promotions such as Promotional shirts , and office stationery.  You may have seen those products on my blog before.  So check it out!  Thanks for stopping by, and leave a comment about the products I’d love to know what you would use them for.  Have a great day!


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    I’m using the Rolling Wrist Rest right now, and it makes “mousing around” easier! Thanks for sharing all this information – catch you later!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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