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 Quiddler® JUNIOR has won the following 4 Best Game Awards – 

Parent Tested Parent Approved


Family Choice Award


ASTRA Best Toys for Kids – Finalist


Sharp As A Tack Outstanding Educational Value – Honorable Mention!

Quiddler Junior was recently endorsed by Parent Tested Parent Approved, Family Choice, Sharp-As-A-Tack and has been chosen as a featured holiday gift on the STEVEN AND CHRIS show that was Dec 16th on CBC!

safe_image  Quiddler Junior game (and our new line of Junior games)

QUIDDLER® JUNIOR is a word game designed for kids and fun for the whole family. Every card contains a kid-sized word and colorful picture making it fun to play and learn. Point chips give kids an instant reward and make scoring easy, and I can’t wait to give this one to my grandson when he gets here from Missouri.  He loves to read, and is in Kindergarten and I know he’s going to want to play!  I’m sure it’s going to be tons of fun.  Would you like to play this with your children or grandchildren.

It’s totally FUN with Words!  QUIDDLER JUNIOR is a great word game for early readers & fun for word masters too.  It’s easy to learn and fun for the whole family to spend some quality time together.  They are definitely a kid-sized words & so colorful to catch the little one’s eye that makes easy to make learning fun.  It was a must have on your Christmas list.  Now it’s just a MUST HAVE!

quiddler game

Scoring is easy & what makes it more fun is using point chips. Kids have fun earning, adding and exchanging their point chips.  They earn points by arranging the cards in your hand into one or more words. Each round the number of cards dealt increases starting with two cards per person & going to seven cards per person.  Get 5 bonus points by having the longest word in any round.  The player with the most points wins the game!

So our sponsor wants you to try the game with your child or grandchild.  Enter the rafflecopter below and…

Dad & Jr

So instead of just hanging out on the couch. Lets play Quiddler!

good luck


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